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10 Dramatic Bouquets to Inspire Your Wedding Day Blooms

A little drama on your wedding day can be a good thing – especially if it’s floral drama! From cascading greenery to feather and ribbon accents, these 10 dramatic bouquets will bring the wow factor to your wedding day. We know you’ll be inspired by these bountiful blooms from the creative teams of our favorite local Oklahoma florists.

10 Dramatic Bouquets to Inspire Your Wedding Day Blooms

Bayly Blooms

Talk about romance! This beautiful bouquet is all about the right touch of drama with the perfect mix of pale greenery and deep, rich pinks and red tones.

Photo: Evan Hopman

The Flower Shop Pryor

This delightful garden-fresh bouquet would be the just the thing for a lovely outdoor wedding. From the fullness of the blooms to the delicate pieces that drape down, it’s full of delightful textures.

Photo: Kailey Watson Photography

Tony Foss Flowers 

This stunning creation has us dreaming of a white winter wedding! It’s all at once dramatic, yet effortlessly uncomplicated.

Photo: Holly Gannett Photography 

Ever Something

If you love the cascading style, but don’t want something big, this stylish, sculpted bouquet is ideal. It’s even topped off with a lovely, flowing ribbon.

Photo: Monica Burgess Photography

Mrs. DeHaven’s Flower Shop 

This bride’s elegant bouquet is teeming with complementary textures and tonal shades of ruby red. We love the draping greenery alternative in the dreamy wine hue – what a statement piece!

Photo: Andrea Murphy Photography

The Medieval Garden Floral 

Talk about drama! This bouquet is literally overflowing with it. This striking arrangement is made for the fashion-forward bride with a flair for creating iconic style moments.

Photo: Mikayla Yeo

Bloom House

This graceful bouquet is just the thing to complement an enchanting garden wedding. With a dainty overflow of greenery and accent pieces, it would work well for a bride that loves flowers but doesn’t want too much draping down.

Photo: Lydia Royce

Robyn’s Flower Garden 

Eloping is no excuse for lackluster flowers. If your style is modern with a feminine edge, this show-stopping bouquet is for you! The structural, almost architectural approach has an inherent softness that we just adore!

Photo: Taylor Mae Photography

Poppy’s Garden

We’re smitten with this boho-inspired bouquet. The full blooms and dramatic proportions accented by two sets of eye-catching ribbons is beyond lovely.

Photo: Jessica Lynn Tucker Photography

XO Flowers & Events 

This unique collection of blooms is a feast for the eyes with the different textures and rich, burnt tones. It’s the ideal statement piece for a modern bride.

Photo: Map & Compass Photography

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