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Before I Do

Emily + Tyler

photo | Eric Daigle


Surprise Banff Proposal

This past Thanksgiving, we were planning on going to see my parents in Dallas to spend the holiday with them. We are both in medical school, so we were looking forward to the few days off. The day before the break started, I had a free morning and Tyler invited me over for breakfast. When I arrived to his house he had laid out this beautiful coffee table book, a flower and my passport. Inside the coffee table book he had written a message that said, “Your flight leaves at 7am tomorrow. Pack warm.” Meanwhile, he was nowhere in his house to be found. So I rushed home and started packing. I had no idea where I was going until my roommate, Allie, noticed something inside the coffee table book. He had written my record locator (to find my boarding pass) on a beautiful page of mountains in Banff, Canada –­ a place I had dreamed of going for years! Without ever hearing a word from Tyler, I hopped on the plane the next morning, (got my nails done in the airport!) and landed in Calgary, Canada in the early afternoon. I swore Tyler would pick me up at the airport, but instead he had a limo driver (like wearing a suit and a sign with my name on it!) pick me up and take me the 1 and a half hour drive to Banff. When we arrived, we pulled up to this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and the driver told me I was to find “two red chairs” down the way. Tyler was standing there when I walked up and got down on one knee! Then we spent the next few days exploring Banff and it was the dreamiest trip ever!