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How to Make Your Engagement Photos Truly Meaningful — And Uniquely You

Engagement photos are always a great idea — and with tips from photographer extraordinaire, Ricki of Ricki Thompson Media, we can help you make them a truly meaningful experience! Keep reading to get ideas for your engagement photos, including the best place to have your photoshoot and how to make it uniquely you.

How to Make Your Engagement Photos Truly Meaningful Ricki Thompson

Photo // Ricki Thompson Media

Where are your favorite places to shoot engagement sessions?

A lot of the work that I do is very client centric and personalized. My favorite place to shoot engagement photos is in what ever location will be the most memorable for my couple. Sometimes this means an ice cream shop, a living room, or on top of a mountain! The magic of engagement shoots are that they are personal and meaningful!

What should couples wear for their engagement photos?

Couples should wear what they feel comfortable in! If that’s a beanie and ripped jeans – go for it! If it’s a three piece tux, send it! You should feel no pressure to look or dress a certain way in your photos. They should be an honest and true representation of your personality and taste! I would recommend two outfits though – one a little more snappy and one dressed down. 

Should a bride do her own hair and makeup or have it professionally done for engagement photos?

Again, what ever he or she prefers. I would recommend an extra swipe of lipstick and mascara if they are wanting to wear makeup at all. (I’ve had brides go bare faced and I think that’s awesome!)  The most important part is that you feel fierce but still your beautiful self! 

How do you get the groom (or bride!) comfortable in front of the camera?

This one can be tricky! I have them interact with each other! Tell funny secrets, we play a lot of games in my sessions that include natural movements, real laughs and big bear hugs. The more I can get them focused on their partner, the better! 

Are you for or against having the couple’s furry fam on set?


What can a couple do or bring to make the shoot uniquely them?

Think about your memories and things you love to do with your partner and work with your photographer to incorporate those stories into your gallery. There is so much you can do in engagement photos to add layers of meaning. Think deeply about the places and things you would like to remember about your engagement season and make sure to express those ideas to your photographer if they are asking for them. Think about your favorite articles of clothing, gifts you have exchanged, a location maybe your parents got married, where you two met or a favorite date spot. These photos should be more than a magnetic save the date! Your style, personality and love story should beam out of them. 


A special thank you to Ricki of Ricki Thompson Media for sharing a behind-the-scenes looks with our readers! To get her expert help capturing memories from your special day, visit her Brides of Oklahoma vendor page.

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