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European travels bring these lovebirds together – FINALLY!!!

by Brides of Oklahoma

Another one of our favorite “Looks of Love” entries was that of Lindsey and Todd who have been married for just over a year now!  Their story is pretty amazing and just another example of how fate intervenes to bring those who love one another together.  These two lovebirds grew up in the same city, went to rival high schools, played all of the same sports, and even went to the same university and NEVER crossed paths until they both ended up in France!!! They made what we’re certain they’d both say was one of the best decisions ever which was to study abroad while in college.  It was this decision that FINALLY brought them together and they spent the first six months of their lives together in beautiful Vichy, France and got to travel all over Europe!  Lindsey told us that journey was “bliss…and still is…  We continue to fall more and more in love all the time.  Life is good!” What a way to fall in love!!!