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Frame A Pretty Picture

Concept Film | “Frame a Pretty Picture” from Pen Weddings.

Check out this super cute concept film shot by Pen Weddings! After Kristin and Peter’s wedding at the Chesapeake Beach Resort in Florida, the couple, along with Tulsa wedding videographers Pen Weddings, set out to “Frame a Pretty Picture” along the island! You might notice a familiar face in this video — Channel 8’s very own Kristin Dickerson is the gorgeous bride! We think it’s definitely worth taking your videographer along with you even if you’re winging your way to a destination wedding. The cinematic footage they capture will be something you’ll cherish forever! Be sure to check out Kristin’s amazing destination wedding in the upcoming July 2010 issue of Brides of Oklahoma. To check out more of Pen Wedding’s cinematic style, click here! Enjoy!