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We’re so excited for the cool, new items Mood Party Rentals is now offering! Mood features unique, swanky furniture and accessories perfect for a chic and extraordinary reception! For a good portion of your get-together, guests will be gathered around tables and chairs – why not dazzle them with pops of color, texture and fabulous furnishings? Searching for posh Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Chairs? Look no further than Mood Party Rentals! Our favorites are the oh-so-cool lounge furniture and the awesome mirrored dance floor! Weave some curvy lounge seating into the space or have guests line up at a brightly illuminated bar for a truly standout soiree. To set the Mood for your reception, contact Mood Party Rentals in Oklahoma City at 405.840.2081. Ciao!

Top left photo: Josh McCullock Photography; Top middle photo: Laske Images; Top right photo: Kalee Ridings Photography; Bottom left photo: Laske Images