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Green & Orange Coffee: Specialty Drinks for Specialty Occasions

Coffee is a part of our everyday lives, so why not have it during our most cherished moments as well? Green & Orange Coffee is the perfect treat for your wedding day with their unique approach to roasting and their mobile coffee cart. Read on to learn more!

Photo // Courtesy of Green and Orange Coffee 

Unique Roasting

The brew experts at Green & Orange Coffee only use the best roasting methods to ensure a high-quality product, and that means air roasting! Air roasting helps coffee beans be the best they can be and highlights the best characteristics of a coffee. They have lighter roasts that use convective heat to reduce acidity and perfectly roast semi-moist coffee seeds. This all results in a sweet cup that is not overly bitter or acidic, highlighting the best that a particular coffee has to offer.

Photo // Courtesy of Green & Orange Coffee 

Why Hire a Coffee Cart for your Wedding

It’s like having a local coffee shop right at your fingertips! The amazing duo at Green & Orange Coffee offers everything from a single origin espresso to specialty lattes. All ingredients are either handmade or locally sourced, and their coffee and chocolate is always roasted in house.

Available menu items include milk drinks, coffee drinks, and specialty drinks, as well as add-in flavors like vanilla and caramel and alternatives such as decaf and oat milk.

Photo // Courtesy of Green & Orange Coffee 

Green & Orange Coffee Subscription Service

Local coffee delivered to your doorstep, say no more! They deliver each month, making it easier to get your caffeine fix without running around town. Cancel, pause, or edit anytime; starting at just $19 a month with one bag and going up to 4+ bags at $14/unit, it is customizable and great year-round. It also makes a great wedding gift for newlywed couples!

Photo // Courtesy of Green & Orange Coffee 

Coffee is the perfect nightcap to send off guests with warm wishes and either keep the party going, or make it a decaf and sleep soundly. Green & Orange Coffee is the answer for all your coffee wedding day wishes.

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