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Get the Ultimate Hors d’oeuvre Menu from Justin Thompson Catering

Tulsa brides, are you looking for a catering option that will wow your guests? Justin Thompson Catering has been a go-to Tulsa wedding caterer for years and is excited to expand their brand with a new, expansive catering kitchen that can provide tailored meals for all sorts of tastes, no matter your guest count! We sat down with the Tulsa catering team to learn more about their new brand, their signature services and their advice for the ultimate hors d’oeuvre menu. Check out what Justin Thompson Catering is all about and how they can cover all your wedding catering needs!

Tell us a bit about your new re-brand!

We’ve had such a wonderful time over the years helping cater events all across Tulsa and felt like it was time to start expanding our catering brand to a full-scale off-site catering operation. We’re currently building out our new catering kitchen and offices near Mother Road market and with this change, felt it was a great time to re-brand the catering operation – Justin Thompson Catering. We utilize our experience and menus from all of our restaurants to inspire our catering dishes and felt like shifting to this new brand helps pull it all together! Our physical event venue we previously occupied, now 624 Boston Events, remains available for rental and is now open to all caterers, and we’re so excited to expand our catering potential and help throw some delicious events in the years to come! You can learn more about us at www.tulsacatering.com.

What is Justin Thompson Catering known for?

At the core of our catering identity are the many years of experience we gained in delighting our guests in each of our restaurant group’s different concepts. We’ve used this experience to create catering menus featuring elevated cuisine and cocktails and paired with expertly trained service staff and longstanding partnerships with professional vendors allowing us to go above and beyond to ensure you have a caterer that you can trust and rely on. We cater to a myriad of different types of events, from regular corporate luncheons, to feeding movie set crew, to rehearsal dinners and weddings and more – we love to think out of the box and create a catering experience that will wow your guests every time!

What is the benefit of serving hors d’oeuvres before a plated meal?

Serving hors d’oeuvres before a plated dinner has many benefits. Most receptions will have a cocktail hour, and if you are serving alcohol, it is a great idea to also serve some hors d’oeuvres, passed or stationary, so guests can have something to snack on. Many wedding guests have traveled a distance to attend a wedding and are anxious for a bite to eat. A couple will likely need some time to take pictures following the ceremony so this gives the guests something to do while they wait for the dinner portion to begin!

What are four hors d’oeuvres that are perfect for your evening reception?

There are so many options for hors d’oeuvres, and everyone’s taste is different. When picking hors d’oeuvres it is wise to consider dietary restrictions, but also make sure you are picking items you love. It is your day. We love to start with a nice cheese presentation. It is a familiar and classic starter that even the unadventurous foodies will love. Next you’ll want to consider items that are easy to eat, items that won’t crumble or leave residue on your fingers, and wont have any type of pick or vehicle that you will be left holding for guest comfort. We love our brie cheese bites; they are a vegetarian option and always a crowd pleaser. Our beef wellington bites are another great choice. It is a delicious protein option and very easy and pleasurable to eat. Finally we would recommend the shrimp ceviche on an endive leaf. This is your more adventurous ‘wow’ option and it is also gluten free. With this assortment you are sure to have options to please a wide gamut of guest tastes!

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