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Haley + Hutch

photo | Kimberly Christopher


Hawaii Adventure Hike Proposal

Hutch had asked my parents permission to go to Hawaii with him and a close family of ours who invited him to go on vacation with them! It was my Christmas present from him, and a dream come true for me to get to go to such an incredible place. I had figured out the surprise beforehand without him knowing, because I am really good at figuring out when he is hiding a secret from me haha. When I told everyone we were going to Hawaii, many of my friends asked me if I thought he would propose while we were there. I just brushed it off explained all the reasons why I didn’t think he would. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Our second day in Hawaii, Hutch and two of our friends were very adamant about driving to Honolulu to go hiking. This is one of our favorite things to do together, so I agreed. I didn’t know there was a bigger plan behind it all. We decided to go on to Koko Head Trail, which is one of the most intense and strenuous hikes. The view was the most incredible reward to our very hard workout. After enjoying the view and taking lots of pictures of the scenery, Hutch asked if we could take a picture together. This never happens, and I should have known something was up then. My sweaty, wind blown hair, dirt covered self stood next to him and smiled away. Then he stepped aside, got down on his knee, and said the most beautiful words I will never forget. When he asked me to marry him I said “YES!” with tears already running down my face. I am still in shock that I had no idea he was going to propose, since I am really good at figuring out his little surprises.. Our families had known for a while that he was planning this, and had impressively been able to keep the secret from me! I FaceTime’d and called my family and friends to tell them the news. They were all so excited to hear about! It was such a fun memory and unique story, that only we will have which makes it even more special! I loved getting to spend the next week in paradise with my now Fiancé, which made every moment of the trip so memorable!