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Taylor + Kye

photo | Patricia P Photography


7th Grade Friends Turned Lovers

For Valentine’s Day 2018, Kye gave me this adorable card and asked if we could {finally} go look at rings together. I was so excited! We looked at so many places, and found plenty we liked. However, we both absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous rose gold ring, with a round diamond, and thin band with diamonds around the band. He told me that we’d narrow it down and he’d pick from there. Fast forward to that May ­– he called my best friend,little cousin, and sister to tell them he got the ring. He had an entire plan ready, and wanted all my loved ones in on it! These two are MASTER secret keepers (seriously, I don’t know how they did it). He asked my parents to lunch so he could ask them for my hand in marriage. My dad said my mom yelled out “Yes!” before my dad even got a chance to jump in to give him a hard time! 🙂

Leading up to our engagement I had NO clue it was coming when it did. I thought he wanted to wait until that fall. Little did I know, he had planned on that summer all along! The Friday before, my best friend asked to go get our nails done. Kye told me his fire shift was “canceled” and he wanted us to go out on a nice date that Saturday. It wasn’t too unusual considering he has ALWAYS spoiled me far more than I deserve, but I still wondered. The day of, he took me to see a movie to distract me so all my closest friends and our families could help set up. We then went to his grandparents to get ready for our date. We went to Mahogany Prime Steakhouse in OKC. We had the most delicious steaks and enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. After that, he said he had a fun “surprise” activity for us but wanted to blindfold me so I wouldn’t start guessing what it was. I immediately knew in my heart what was probably coming. I remember praying in the car ride while holding his hand, and just thanking the Lord for this moment and this man. When I felt gravel underneath his truck, I knew we had to be at his parents’ place. He lead me out of the truck and I heard a camera clicking. When he took the blindfold off I saw so many of our pictures together from 7th grade to now, hanging on a backdrop. We are high school sweethearts but have been best friends since 7th grade, so we have an insane amount of photos together. I immediately started sobbing! He had a beautiful area set up to pop the big question. He then had us run through each photo and discuss how special each moment was for us and our relationship. Next he told me to lift up a sign that said “I love us” and on the back it had an old photo of a fake proposal we did a few years back and the words “For real this time. Yes or no?” With tears filling my eyes he got on one knee, told me I was his best friend in the world, and that he wanted to spend forever with me. Then he asked me to marry him and I of course said YES!! I took off my promise ring he gave me our senior year of high school, and put on the most gorgeous ring I had fallen in love with months before. He then screamed out “She said yes!!” And his dad shot off fireworks from their front yard! Before I knew it, over 50 of our closest family and friends were running to greet and congratulate us. I’m STILL on cloud 9 from this perfect day! I have never felt so loved and happy in my entire life, and could cry just sitting here thinking about it! We had a huge engagement celebration after filled with food, desserts, champagne, music, dancing, and lots of pictures and laughs. Kye, our family, and friends did the most perfect job at making me feel so loved and special on this day!