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Looks of Love

Meet our 2024 Looks of Love Contest Winners!

Photos: Chandler Rae Photography

Our annual Looks of Love Contest has been one for the books! We are honored to have heard so many incredible love stories over the past few weeks and received so many votes. Our 2024 Looks of Love winners are Hillary & Adam! Their engagement photos were captured by Chandler Rae Photography and we are thrilled to award them with the ultimate date night gift card. Read their love story below and thank you again for voting. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hillary + Adam

From Lost in the Parking Lot to Lost in Each Other

Hillary and Adam’s love story began when Adam was auditing a course at OU Norman. Somewhat unfamiliar with the campus, he found himself lost and wandering around the parking lot on his first day. Hillary noticed his meandering and approached him. When Adam entered the classroom, he saw everyone wearing masks, as this was during the Covid-19 pandemic. He didn’t see Hillary’s entire face that day, but he was mesmerized by her beautiful amber eyes. After introducing themselves, they discovered they both worked at the same place. As they walked to their vehicles, they continued to chat. Their relationship blossomed over the next couple of classes as they walked each other to their cars and talked along the way. One day, Hillary asked Adam, “What do you do on the weekends?” He replied that he mostly worked but would love to meet her for coffee and asked for her number. They met at a coffee shop and had a great conversation. Following this date, they agreed to another. On their next outing, they met at a park and talked for hours. Adam didn’t want the date to end, so they continued to dinner. Still not ready to part ways, they went to their respective workplaces, where they gave each other a tour. At the end of the night, Adam wanted to kiss Hillary but lacked the confidence to do so. As he slowly walked back to his car in defeat, he heard Hillary express that she wanted to kiss him. They met at the hood of his car and shared their first kiss. Right then, Adam asked Hillary to be his girlfriend, and she happily agreed. The rest, as they say, is history.



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