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Hitch by Billie — Saying Thank You with Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry has been all the rage as of late, and for good reason! It’s dainty, customizable and always stays put. Welded jewelry is not only great for everyday wear, it can also make for a wonderful way to let your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you, and Hitch by Billie wants to help you do just that!

Photo: Courtesy of Hitch by Billie


A Unique Way to Say Thank you

Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, Hitch by Billie specializes in mobile welded jewelry. They offer rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Additionally, the company offers a range of metals, including 14K gold, 14K gold-filled and sterling silver. They love helping customers create their own unique pieces and hope to be a part of your celebration.

There are a few options when it comes to surprising your best gals with permanent jewelry — your bachelorette party being the first. Receiving a beautiful, new piece of jewelry makes for a fun activity that your girls are sure to remember!

Another option is to have Hitch by Billie setup while you and your bridesmaids get ready on your wedding day. While they get their hair and makeup done, each woman can also sit with the Hitch by Billie team and pick out her newest piece of fine jewelry.

Still have questions? Read on!

Photo: Courtesy of Hitch by Billie


Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent (or welded) jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a customized piece measured, cut to fit and then completed with a small weld to close the connection. It is your favorite jewelry piece without a clasp!

What if my piece of jewelry breaks?

No problem! Hang on to the chain and contact Hitch by Billie for a repair. The first repair is on them! Any additional repairs will be $10 plus tax. If the chain is beyond repair, you must purchase a new one.

Is permanent jewelry TSA approved?

Yes! Fine jewelry is not required to be removed through airport security.

Can permanent jewelry be removed?

Yes. You can remove the delicate material with wire cutters or scissors.

How long does permanent jewelry last?

This is dependent on your activity level and lifestyle. For most, it will only come off when you are ready to remove it yourself (weeks, months, years). Keep in mind that it is fine jewelry. While it may be welded on, it is not invincible!

Where is Hitch by Billie located?

Hitch by Billie is a mobile business servicing the Oklahoma City metro and surrounding areas. They are currently booking events at the location of your choice!

Photo: Courtesy of Hitch by Billie


If you want to tell your bridesmaids thank you in a unique and memorable way, consider Hitch by Billie. Every time your bridal party sees their lovely pieces of jewelry, they’ll remember your love and friendship.

To learn more, check out Hitch by Billie’s vendor profile here!

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