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Stephyn + Ronnie

photo | Sheradee Hurst Photography


During Christmas 2015, Ronnie and Stephyn took a trip to Hawaii with her family. On the day he popped the question, they decide to rent Harley’s and sightsee different beaches in Hawaii. Their third stop, the Blow Hole Point, is one of her favorite beaches in Hawaii. They were all checking out the beautiful scenery when she noticed that Ronnie walked away. When she turned around, Ronnie was holding a ring over the ledge of the point. At that moment, she freaked out and started asking a million questions— “What are you doing? What is that? Is this happening right now? Why do you have that? Does my dad know? Did you ask my Dad? Are you going to get on one knee? Where are my Mom and Brother? Do they know what is going on?” The whole time she was asking these questions, Ronnie was expressing his love, but the sad thing is, it went in one ear and out the other. Somewhere in there Stephyn is sure there was a “Will you marry me?” With a shocked expression and tears of joy running down her face, she paused, staring back and forth at Ronnie and the beautiful ring. In her head she was thinking, “OMG, is this really happening?” She thinks she said her favorite saying, “Oh yeah!” followed by a “YES!” He put the huge sparkler, that he designed himself, on her finger. After saying yes, she turned around to her mother, brother, and her mom’s boyfriend who were all there taking pictures. It was perfect!

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