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Holiday Beauty Tips & Tricks from Oklahoma Wedding Hair & Makeup Pros


Tis the season to look fabulous, but between the frigid weather, late nights and stress, the holidays can sometimes wreak havoc on our beauty routine! We enlisted the help of our trusted Oklahoma wedding hair and makeup pros from local salons to give us the latest beauty scoop just in time for your festivities. Read on for their expert tips and tricks:

Malorie Avaline – Beauty Unveiled
If you know that you want to wear your hair down for your wedding day or holiday event then you want to make sure it is looking extra healthy! Going to your stylist for regular trims and conditioning treatments leading up to the big event will ensure your hair is in its best condition.

I’ve had this conversation so much lately that I think every woman should know this golden rule: Do not turn the temperature on your hot tools (flat iron and curling iron) up higher than it needs to be for your hair type. This can cause major damage and breakage. Hello split ends and color fadage! Yikes. For fine hair never go above 375°, for medium texture hair keep between 400-420° and for coarse hair types you can go up to the highest heat when needed but make sure you are using a heat protectant.  – Malorie Avaline – Beauty Unveiled

Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio
Right now its all about skin! The canvas has to look great before you paint it. Aside from drinking water and getting plenty of sleep, beauty oils have been my best friend for myself and my clients. The MAC prep and prime essential oil or the Tarte Maracuja oil can be put directly on the face or mixed with a moisturizer. It can also be mixed with a foundation to make it look a little more like skin instead of going and buying a whole new bottle of foundation for winter. I also love the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It’s heaven in a bottle. You can use it before, during and after makeup and anytime of day for a quick kick of moisture.

Lashes are another thing people are concerned about. I always have plenty of lashes on hand. Demi wispies can help you conquer the world and are a quick pick me up!  Lash extensions are also an amazing option here at Brushed. They are totally worth the investment and are life changing! – Brushed Salon and Makeup Studio

Profile Concierge Hair Services
For a fresh take on holiday party glamour, try dialing down the impact level. Instead of the typical voluminous blowout with a smoky eye and red lip, go for dewy, glowing skin (lit from within using a product like MAC strobe cream in your highlight zones under your foundation) with a neutral eye lid and graphic liner.

To keep your hair and skin ready for all the winter work it will have to do, hydrate constantly – don’t let your water bottle leave your sight! Use a great moisturizer daily. Slough off the dead skin cells with a homemade sugar scrub! Give your scrub a holiday upgrade, and add cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to make it a gingerbread scrub worthy of all the wintery feels! – Profile Concierge Hair Services

A great tip for curling your own hair for any holiday party is waiting to comb through your curls until the end. Just let the curls drop from the iron and leave it to cool. Then run your fingers through your hair at the very end to loosen them. Letting them cool first will ensure a better hold!

For better hold in your hairstyle, we highly recommend a heat styling spray before you curl. We use styling products that are heat protectant and setting which gives your hair great hold, even before hairspray. – blo.

AnnElyse Salon & Spa
A little texturizing spray will always work wonders with any hair type! Our favorite is by Short Sexy Hair called Play Dirty. It’s good for giving volume and definition to curls to longer hair or piecing out a cute pixie cut.

When doing a winged eyeliner, if you mess up and make the tip too long or uneven, you can go back with a bit of cream concealer on a flat concealer brush to clean up the edges & make the wing smaller, rather than wiping the liner off and starting all over. – AnnElyse Salon & Spa

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