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After I Do

Important Steps to Take After Your Wedding Day


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The most perfect day of your life has come and gone, now what should you do to start off your married life? The time after your wedding is full of magic and bliss, but this can be overshadowed by the many “to-dos” after you say, “I do.” Never fear, our “After I Do” wedding checklist is here to help alleviate stress and keep you organized after the altar! 


  1. Change Your Name

It’s time to show off your shiny, new name!! From credit cards and bank accounts to your social security card and driver’s license, your new name will need to touch it all. While this task may seem daunting, it can painlessly and quickly be accomplished! We have all that you need to know in our “How to Change Your Name” blog. Check it out and get started today!


  1. Preserve Your Dress

Whether you are planning to pass down your wedding dress to future generations (and potentially start a family tradition!) or just want to play dress-up over and over, preserving your gown helps ensure it stays wearable! Wedding gown preservation will not only keep your dress from yellowing in storage, but it will also prevent future damage and stains. Experts Nichols Hills Cleaners offer wedding dress preservation so your dress stays fresh for years to come. 


  1. Preserve Your Bouquet

Everyone has that one family member who scoffs at the amount of money spent on wedding bouquets. Little do they know that your bridal bouquet can last more than just your wedding day! Bouquet preservation allows you to get in touch with your creative side – there is not just one way to preserve your florals! From paperweights to a resin side table, from drying them to dipping them in wax – the opportunities to create are endless. And the best thing is, we know just the person to help you tackle this project! We recommend Willow Co Preservation or The Pressed Floret, which both specialize in bouquet preservation. Learn more about their services today!


  1. Complete Your Registry

Now that you’re back from your honeymoon, it’s time to revisit your registry. Be sure to check with the stores you’re registered at to see if they offer any discounts or special offers on the items not fulfilled, many do! Bonus tip: if you’re looking for local shops to send a special gift to anyone who played a special role in your big day, check out our recommendations here


  1. Send Thank You’s

One of the most underrated acts is writing thank you cards to everyone that supported and gifted you during your wedding season! While these may seem like a hassle, they don’t have to be! With local paper and stationery businesses like Chirps and Cheers, No Regrets, Eros Studios, Occasions, Bebe’s, and Paper + More, knocking out all your thank you’s will be a breeze! Not to mention, they carry the most beautiful cards, both pre-printed and custom-made, in town!! 


  1. Have a Wedding Keepsake Made

Having a memento made specially to remember the most important day of your life is a must! There are so many different keepsakes you can choose from. Some decide to create a box that holds tiny important pieces and details from their weddings, such as flowers, invitations, and polaroids. Others make an ornament featuring their wedding date and colors from their day! Still, others decide to send a wedding photo (or two or three or ten!) to an illustrator to have their images turned into a painting or drawing! 


  1. Review Your Vendors

Did you have the dream team of vendors helping you with your wedding? Was there a vendor you wished you would have looked a little closer into? Let the world know! Most wedding vendors have websites where you can leave reviews about the services they provided for your big day. If not, hyping up your vendors on social media by liking and commenting on their posts is like a review in itself! Reviewing your vendor is one of the best ways you can thank them or critique them, and by doing so, you’ll also be helping out all of the future couples that could potentially use them. If you used a Brides of Oklahoma vendor, you can easily find their website and socials on their vendor profiles!


  1. Find Your Forever Home

Finding your forever home after your wedding can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s a chance to start a new chapter in your life and create a space that truly reflects your personalities and values. Sarah Lucy Real Estate will provide you with valuable insights and guidance throughout the entire process, from helping you find the right property or buyer to negotiating the best possible deal. Hiring a real estate agent can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have a professional on your side who is committed to representing your best interests.


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