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Should You Preserve Your Wedding Dress? How to Decide

Long before you make an investment, your wedding dress comes to life in the form of daydreams, magazine tear-outs, endless screenshots, and Pinterest mood boards galore. The process of selecting the perfect wedding dress for your big day is nothing short of a journey, and one that shouldn’t stop since you said “I do!” To preserve your wedding dress is to preserve the essence of everything that made your day special – read on for how to decide if you should preserve your gown below.


Should You Preserve Your Wedding Dress? | Nichols Hills Cleaners


Should I preserve my wedding dress?

If you’ve caught yourself wondering whether or not you should preserve your wedding dress, allow us to talk you through it! There are plenty of reasons as to why you should preserve your wedding dress and (in our opinion) very few reasons as to why not. Some of the reasons to preserve your wedding dress could be:

  • For sentimentality and memories over the years
  • To pass on to a family member or child later on
  • To repurpose into different family heirlooms
  • Because it was one of the most beautiful gowns you’ll ever own!


If you’re still on the fence about preserving your wedding dress, find all the ins and outs of both dress and bouquet preservation here. Plus, let us introduce you to some of the finest local pros in the business who make the whole process oh-so-easy. Read on!


Where to get a wedding dress cleaned and preserved in Oklahoma City

If you’re looking to get your wedding dress cleaned and preserved properly in Oklahoma City, we know a few places that deliver only the best quality results. Send your wedding dress in for a little TLC from these vendors below:


Read more from our “after I do” guide on wedding dress and bridal bouquet preservation and shop for your own wedding gown at our favorite local wedding dress retailers. Cheers!

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