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Name a Better Duo: Elite Food Pairings from Oklahoma Wedding Caterers

Name some better duos – we’ll wait! When it comes to Oklahoma wedding caterers, you have some truly elite options. Their elevated expertise worked to reimagine some tried-and-true culinary pairings to put a luxe spin on a few classic combos. Surf and turf, charcuterie, skewers and more have been prepared by the pros to serve a wedding offering partygoers won’t soon forget. Your wedding reception meal is an opportunity to connect with your guests and show off your personality in a fun, tangible way! We just wanted to give you a few ideas for delectable food pairings with the help of top Oklahoma wedding caterers. Find your new favorite flavor pairing down below. Cheers!

Photos // Carsyn Craytor Photography

oklahoma wedding caterers

surf and turf food pairings


The Duo: Surf & Turf

From the kitchen of Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse | smoked lobster tail paired with a filet with foie gras butter and black truffle cream, garnished with black truffle, served with grilled zucchini and topped with a rosemary lemon pesto


oklahoma wedding caterers

elotes wedding catering


The Duo: Elotes & Tequila

From the kitchen of Harris Custom Catering | Mexican elote corn on and off the cob paired with a Paloma fizz cocktail


oklahoma wedding caterers

prosciutto and peach pizza


The Duo: Prosciutto & Peach

From the kitchen of Quail Springs Culinary | charred peaches and crispy prosciutto topped with toasted pine nuts, fresh basil, rocket pesto and local honey served over a burrata flatbread


oklahoma wedding caterer food pairings

beef and reef


The Duo: Beef & Reef

From the kitchen of Kam’s Kookery | cedar plank salmon topped with peach salsa served over lemony risotto and asparagus spears paired with shaved prime rib – medium rare, served with Asiago polenta and roasted vegetables, also paired with beef tenderloin biscuits with horseradish aioli and arugula, roasted shrimp cocktail charcuterie skewers and Caprese skewers

You won’t regret ordering any of these creative food pairings. Book your wedding catering with one of our favorite local Oklahoma wedding caterers here!