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Kaci + Tyson

photo | Hope Photography


After much anticipation throughout the holidays and into the new year, Kaci’s fiancé, Tyson, proposed on February 15th, 2016. She thinks he wanted to keep building that anticipation by passing right over Valentine’s Day, too. But, he proposed in the sweetest way possible for them. His family was in town and, more importantly, his then one-year-old niece, Grace. Tyson and Kaci like to take her to see the animals when she’s on the farm, so they loaded her up and went to look for deer and look at the cows. They pulled into one of the pastures and Tyson said he saw a big buck a long way away. All three of them got out of the pick up and walked up this hill, so Kaci and Grace could see it too. When they made it to the top of the hill, he handed Kaci the binoculars to see for herself. After not seeing anything, she turned around to him on one knee. He was unzipping Grace’s jacket to reveal a t-shirt that read, “Will you marry my uncle Ty?” He then brought out the ring and asked her, “So will you?” Of course she said, “Yes,” to the love of her life. The three of them wrapped in a hug as the tears started rolling down Kaci’s face. It was a beautiful evening and the Oklahoma sunset didn’t disappoint. She loves that Tyson incorporated their love for nature and animals and their precious niece into the proposal. She was surprised that their normal drive around the country to look at deer turned into the best day of Kaci’s life so far.

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