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Look your best with BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa

BodyTrends, The ElectroSpa recently launched a new weight management service to complement their non-surgical body and facial re-designs services. It’s a new 6-week weight management program that’s medically-supervised and designed to allow for rapid weight loss (as much as 1 pound per day – or 40 pounds in 40 days).  It’s a great option for brides or bridesmaids wanting to shed a little weight fast in time to look their best.  Through the month of February, BodyTrends is offering brides complimentary consultations and 20% off of their regular pricing!  Beyond this weight management program, you might also inquire about the other services available at BodyTrends, including VIP (the AB-Maker), Accent XL (fat-melting and skin tightening), Juvederm (Dermal filler, lip and cheek enhancement), GentleLASE (permanent laser hair removal), PIXEL (laser skin resurfacing), MicroDermabrasion and more.  BodyTrends has two convenient locations in the Oklahoma City metro area at 134th & South Western (405.759.7524) and 9311 N. Pennsylvania (405.608.4477).