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Telling Your Story of Love – Advice from Allison Mims Photography

It’s all about you and your partner – that’s why we spoke with photographer Allison Mims on all things love. Wedding photography is so much more than capturing your wedding photos – it’s telling a love story that can last for generations to come. You will want to make sure you read all these great tips in preparation of your wedding day!

How do you see love?

Love is selfless act. It is putting someone else above yourself – their needs, cares and desires above your own. It is helping someone be the very best version of themselves and choosing to live life with them everyday through the good and bad. It is a daily sacrificial choice, and it is such a grand adventure going through life with your person! Both sets of my grandparents have inspired and displayed this kind of love to one another throughout their lives. I have witnessed them first hand caring for their spouses day in and day out and doing it joyfully and willingly. They meant what they said when they vowed “in sickness and in health” to each other.

How do you tell a love story through photography?

I tell a love story through photography by displaying my couples as they truly are. Before photographing them, I get to know a little bit about them as individuals and as a couple and what their relationship revolves around. This helps me get an idea of how to photograph them. I not only want them to be real with me, but also with each other. It’s all about the couple and their journey, and I’m there to capture their adventure.

What is one thing you love about telling someone’s love story through wedding photography?

Everyone’s love story is so different and unique! Not one story is better than the other; they are just different. It never gets old making new friendships with my couples and showing their own personal journey and storytelling through my photos.

We want to thank Allison for sharing her advice with us today! Looking to hire Allison Mims Photography for your wedding day photography? Visit her Brides of Oklahoma profile and inquire with her directly here!

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