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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Videographer, Featuring MARAND MEDIA

Everyone loves a good tear-jerker of a wedding video – am I right? It’s more than just capturing moments and piecing it together. Today, we’re chatting with videographer Daniel Marand, of  MARAND MEDIA to get the inside scoop on why you should invest in a wedding videographer. You won’t want to miss all these great tips from MARAND MEDIA.

It’s a Blissful Blur & Memory is Fleeting

It’s no surprise that wedding days can creep up on you and be gone in an instant. As I tell brides time and time again, here at MARAND MEDIA, “Wedding days can be a blur; we’re here to bring your wedding day into full focus.”

All of your wedding day moments are a lot to remember. It’s even tough for the bride to remember details when she was planning it all just the month before. Imagine the joy it would be to click play on your wedding film and be transported back to that day, that room, or that feeling you had when you first said “I do.” When all the decorations are gone, you’ve lost loved ones and you simply want to be reminded of one of the happiest days in your life – your wedding film is there. It’s a love story told with the essence and authenticity of who you are as a couple. This love story – your wedding film – is the only way to hear the moment when you became one, to listen to the crack in your parent’s voice as they toast to you through happy tears, or to see your strut down the aisle, hand-in-hand with the love of your life for the first time.

Capture Not Just a Moment, but Relive the Day

Taking part and enjoying this celebration through videography with your friends and family is priceless. However, many couples underestimate how badly they will want to relive their wedding day. The one thing you do to remember your wedding day is hire a photographer. The photos, your wedding dress, or maybe even a piece of frozen cake will serve as the object to take you back and relive your big day. I believe photos are necessary and equally as important as a wedding film, but what happens when the cake is tasteless, the dress doesn’t fit, and your photos leave you struggling to remember it all?

There are two types of couples as far as wedding films go: those who said the best wedding investment they made was hiring a videographer, and those who said their biggest regret was not hiring a videographer.  The goal of a photo is to tell a story with a single picture, but with a wedding film you create interest and build a complete documentary of your day. Images are brought to life with a video and what was once a single, well-lit picture is now an entire scene captured and seen authentic to the moment. You become a guest at your own wedding and are able to step into these moments and relive them.

It is Worth the Investment

If you’re looking to invest in a videographer the first question should be, is this a good investment? The short answer is yes.

Budgeting is extremely important and is one of the first things to do. I always recommend budgeting for a venue, photographer, and videographer first as these are the only ways to truly relive and remember your wedding day. As filmmakers, one of the most common things we hear is, “we’re seeing if it’s in the budget.” It will only be in your budget if you put it there. If being able to look back and relive your wedding day is important to you, then hiring a professional videographer and budgeting for one, should be important to you too. The regret of not having a wedding film just isn’t worth it.

What you are really paying for? A specific videographer’s unique style. This is why there’s such a huge range in investment in wedding videography. Style is important because the videographer’s ability to get to know you, make you feel comfortable, and create a film that exceeds your expectations is all part of their style of shooting weddings.

You have the ability to place yourself right back into the wonder and joy that was your wedding day, with wedding videography. For future generations, it’s being a part of your legacy. It’s the ability to let your grandkids burst in laughter seeing you get-down on the dance floor, and the honor of being able to hear your friends and family tell why you’re perfect for each other. It is memories brought back to life and that’s why it’s worth it to invest in a wedding videographer. I was beyond moved to hear one of my first clients tell me that their film was the favorite gift they received from their wedding. It wasn’t simply a gift or a souvenir, but as she said, an heirloom to be passed down through the generations. When you struggle to remember or need to be reminded, this timeless film will bring your entire wedding day back into full focus.

A huge thanks to Daniel from MARAND MEDIA for sharing the importance of investing in wedding videography! Want to get in touch with MARAND MEDIA? Visit his Brides of Oklahoma profile.

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