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Oklahoma Capitol Engagement Session from Meg Rose Photography

We fell in love with this Oklahoma Capitol engagement session the moment we saw it! Meg Rose Photography captured Heather and Tyler in a romantic, adventurous, lighthearted session that truly captures their joyful personalities! We love how this session includes images that feel more serious and romantic, up close against the stately backdrop, as well as a few more carefree-feeling photos with the Capitol deep in the background. Heather looked and felt her best thanks to Kadi Uhack Makeup, while Meg Rose brought along a fun coral settee for the couple to lounge on and they brought tokens of their relationship as props – a camera, a globe and champagne, of course! Cheers to this lovely couple and cheers to a session that captures the essence of Heather and Tyler completely!

Photos // Meg Rose Photography

From the bride on how they met: “You know how they say blind dates never work out… well in our case that isn’t true! Tyler and I have two different versions on what time I actually arrived at the restaurant; he claims I was extremely late, I say barely. What we can agree on from that evening was that we laughed a ton, told stories of our adventures, and ate an undisclosed amount of mac-and-cheese. There was a Thunder game on in the background of the restaurant, but we had no clue who the opposing team was or even the score because we were too caught up in one another’s company.”

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