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How to Make Your Wedding a Musical Success with Tips from OKC Entertainment

Music is a big part of your wedding. It helps communicate the emotion as well as connect and help the flow of the events of the day. Whether you’re dreaming of an elegant ceremony with a string quartet or you want a reception that shakes the chandeliers with some Old Time Rock & Roll — or maybe both, we know how important it is to make your wedding a musical success! That is why we’ve enlisted the help of Steve Lunsford, owner of OKC Entertainment. He is the very definition of an industry expert with 20 years of experience both as a performer and an entertainment manager. He knows what it takes to get a crowd going, but more importantly he loves to help couples tell their story and celebrate on their big day.

Below Steve’s answering all our questions on how to make your day musically successful — and keep scrolling for all the amazing bonus content including a fun playlist with some songs to get the party started!

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How to Make Your Wedding a Musical Success with Tips from OKC Entertainment

What are your tips to make your day musically successful?

1. Make sure you have a professional running sound for your ceremony. – You only get one shot, and after all, that’s what your family and friends are there to witness and celebrate!

2. Don’t overthink it! – For your ceremony song selections, don’t overthink it! Those moments when your family or bridal party are walking down the aisle are short and sweet. Don’t get hung up on not being able to find, “the one!”

3. Communicate with your DJ/band if you would like a certain song edited to fit the moment. – This may include your recessional song starting at the chorus immediately after the officiant presents you or even shortening your first dance songs to include your favorite parts only.

4. Once your reception starts, switch it up a bit! – Instead of jazz standards or Motown, how about having 80s/90s/2000s upbeat selections? This portion sets the tone for the rest of your reception. If you play more upbeat songs right out of the gate, you build more energy with your guests immediately.

5. Don’t be afraid to tell your DJ/Band what NOT to play. It’s your day!

Is there a part of the wedding day that is musically overlooked?

I wouldn’t say it is overlooked, but a lot of couples wait until the last minute to make song selections. This creates unwarranted pressure on both them and the entertainment company. We typically request all our clients to have their songs submitted a week prior to the wedding. This gives us plenty of time to purchase music we may not have and begin organizing their selections to create the best flow for their wedding day.

Are there any trends in wedding music that you have noticed for 2019?

We’re seeing more DJ/live musician hybrid combinations this year. It has been popular on the east and west coasts and I think the trend in the midwest is going to pick up into 2020 as well!

What is the most memorable wedding music moment you’ve ever been a part of?

Hands down I’d say any time we have requests for a Dabke dance. Most popular in Lebanese/Syrian/Palestinian/Jordanian weddings, the Dabke is a combination of a circle dance and line dance that gets the entire crowd hyped!

Is there a song or style of music that without fail puts a smile on guests faces and gets feet out on the dance floor?

As a DJ, one of my go-to’s to win people over is Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September.”

If going with one of our bands, I think “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC is always successful, and I like wrapping the night up on a high note with The Isley Brothers “Shout!”

What is something that couples are often overlooking in the entertainment planning process and how do you help them with that?

Make sure the DJ/band you choose understands what it means to be a Master of Ceremonies (EmCee). They are directing your day in real-time and need to be able to clearly/effectively connect with your guests. Our staff undergoes a quality training program to provide the best experience we can provide to you and your guests.

How do you help couples create a memorable event?

We want to know your story! You are the focal point of the evening, so let’s make sure everyone there understands WHY we are here celebrating!

What are some services that people may not know you offer?

  • We also offer live entertainment such as string quartets, jazz combos, bands, solo pianists and vocalists!
  • Lighting – uplighting/pinspots/room wash/customized monograms with motion graphics.
  • Photo booths
  • Party favors such as LED foam sticks/bracelets/sunglasses with your name and wedding date printed on them!


A Taste of Some Wedding Favorites

When it comes wedding music, Steve has heard and seen it all. Here are list of some tried and true fan favorites that he loves to play.


Thank you to Steve Lunsford, owner of OKC Entertainment, for sharing his expert tips and insights! You can contact him to learn more about getting one-on-one help to make your wedding a musical success by visiting his vendor profile, today!

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