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Get Started on your Summer Bod

Summer days are right around the corner, so whether you’re having a summer or winter wedding, you’re likely ready to start working toward a trimmer summer bod. With all the different workouts, systems and classes available, it can be tough to know what routine is right for you. Even in the middle of a busy schedule, Pure Barre – Edmond makes it possible to accomplish a workout routine with achievable results. Get ready, because we are about to dive in head first with three ways to raise the barre (and your fitness)!

3 Ways to Get Your Dream Summer Bod

Photo // Kelcy Leigh Photography

Visit Pure Barre – Edmond

Pure Barre is about the pursuit of excellence and seeking your purest sense of self. With a collection of 40-50 minute total body workouts, you are sure to maximize your time and energy! Their technique includes a thoughtful series of low impact, isometric movements that are proven to show results. By using the ballet barre and other lightweight equipment, you are able to focus and strengthen specified areas of the body. In just eight to ten classes, you can begin seeing mind-blowing results.

Find the Class that Fits You

Pure Barre – Edmond offers many different classes that can fit your schedule or physical fitness need. With classes ranging from 5am to 7:30pm, there’s sure to be a session at your desired time! From Pure Barre Classic, Pure Reform, Pure Empower, and Foundations, each class brings a new opportunity to the table with room to grow in your personal fitness practice. Whether you are looking to supplement your workout routine or begin a whole new one, Pure Barre offers barre classes with cardio, resistance, and your classic barre technique workout

Photo // Kelcy Leigh Photography

Embrace Pure Community

By attending Pure Barre – Edmond classes, you are immersed in the Pure Barre community. Focused on rising above yesterday, each member of the Pure Barre – Edmond team not only cares about the workouts they instruct, but also those that are in their classes. Helping you meet your goals – big or small – is totally worth it. Be a part of a community where goals are created, pursued, accomplished and celebrated!

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