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These Photography Tips Will Make Your Wedding Day Even Better

Your wedding day is going to be great because you’re marrying the love of your life — and with these tips from photographer Chelsea Littleton, your day is about to be even BETTER! Why? Because it’s the little things that are going to make a big difference in how smoothly and enjoyably your big day goes.

Whether you’re a list-making bride or you just want to know where to show up, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out what can keep your day on track — and how your photographer can help you think less about logistics and enjoy the celebration!

These Photography Tips Will Make Your Wedding Day Even Better

Photo // Chelsea Littleton Photography

Tell us about your photography style.

I would say that my style is modern, romantic, raw, emotional and classic all at the same time.

What type of training did you go through to become a photographer?

I took several photography classes in college, I majored in Media Studies with a minor in Visual Communications. I also attended several workshops and conferences throughout the years that have contributed substantially. I feel like I’ve learned a lot along the way too, through years of experience with amazing clients trusting in me.

What does the ideal wedding schedule look like to make the most out of wedding photos?

Every wedding day is going to be slightly different depending on what the couple values most. I prefer at least hours hours of coverage to really feel like I’ve captured a good amount of the day without feeling rushed or stressed. I have an awesome questionnaire that I send out to all of my couples that helps me build the perfect wedding day timeline for them based on how they answer the questions. It goes over every aspect of the day so we can nail down the perfect custom timeline

Any tips for staying on track during the wedding day?

Being realistic when building the timeline helps immensely. Giving yourself enough time for each part of the day along with an extra buffer is great too! Someone is always running behind somewhere throughout the day. Trying to have hair and makeup done 30 minutes before you actually need it done helps in case things run behind. Also having a day of coordinator to keep things on track is great too so that your photographer can focus on the photos and the creative side of things

What should a couple have prepared for the photographer before the wedding day?

I send out a month-before and week-before email full of tips and tricks and things to remember, but most importantly, one month before the event I request a list of family photos that they want (including family member’s names) and a list of vendors. Having specific family photos that you want helps so that your photographer can call out names as you do family photos and they don’t miss anyone.

Getting a list of vendors ahead of time is great too so that once the sneak peek is ready, I am not bothering the couple on their honeymoon to get a vendors list. I can freely post their sneak peek as soon as it’s ready while also giving vendor credit.

Another great way to assist your photographer is to have your dress out of its bag, steamed, free of tags, clips, and cardboard inserts – ready to go. Having all your details that you want photographed in a bag together so that once your photographer arrives they can get straight to work and they’re not searching high and low for all the details. This normally includes invitation suite, all rings, jewelry, perfume, cufflinks, garter, shoes, etc.

Have that bag sitting next to your hanging dress and bouquet and you’ll really make your photographer’s day. Also think of all the time you just saved your photographer so that they can use it taking photos instead of organizing and steaming dresses. If this is the case though, just know that if I am your photographer, I will jump in there and help get things done.

Any tips on preparing a shot list?

Don’t worry about making a list of key moments that your photographer already knows to capture, for example, the kiss, walking down the aisle, the rings, etc.

If there are any specific or out of the ordinary shots that you want, be sure to tell your photographer of those. Whether that be a 3 or 4 generation photo, a specific pose, a special moment with a friend or family member that may not happen organically, etc. Those are helpful, but I would try to keep your list as small as possible as your photographer is there to photograph your day as it unfolds as creatively as possible. Adding several ‘out of the norm’ photos can tend to make your day feel more like a production than a day celebrating your love for each other.


A special thank you to Chelsea of Chelsea Littleton Photography for sharing her expertise and helping our readers capture this once-in-a-lifetime moments. To see how she can help capture those memories for generations to come, visit her Brides of Oklahoma vendor page.

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