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You’re Going to Love This Wedding Cake Trend for 2020

From unfussy urban elegance to vibrant floral adornments, you’re in the right place to find out the hottest styles and trends for wedding cakes in 2020 thanks to Stacie Kob, baker extraordinaire and owner of Stacie’s Cake. The  biggest trend is having a cake as unique as the couple themselves, which is why we’ve picked her brain on every topic you need to plan the perfect wedding cake to enjoy on your big day!

Keep reading for tips on how to make your wedding day — your way!

You're Going to Love This Wedding Cake Trend for 2020

Photo // Carsyn Abrams Photographer

What wedding cake trends are you seeing for 2020?

Simple cakes still will be taking center stage. Although there are trends including macaron tower cakes, etc., the traditional cake continues to rise above passing trends. I find one of the most predominant trends coming is in regard to the couple’s selection of their favorite flavors. They want to put their mark on the wedding day. Naked cakes will continue to reign — minimalist, barely-there designs. The unfussy style is not likely to change any time soon. Brides are requesting less greenery and more vibrant color flowers. An occasional nontraditional shape or design will be requested as well. We are likely to also continue to see the urban elegant vibe. Ultimately the 2020 trend is “Your Wedding Cake — Your Way.”  

What’s been a favorite wedding cake design you’ve made in the past?

The ones that meet the brides expectations exactly… making their dream wedding day happen!

What are your best selling flavors right now? Any new flavors you want couples to try?

Vanilla, and vanilla with infused buttercream such as raspberry, caramel and chocolate fudge are frequent requests. Strawberry, chocolate and red velvet are always requested as well.   

Do you provide the flowers for your cakes or do you work with the wedding florist to add those?

The florist provides the flowers. Customarily they leave a container with a selection of flowers chosen by the bride. I place the flowers on the cake based on discussions I have had with the bride. 

What desserts do you offer beyond the wedding cake?

I offer a complete dessert bar which includes cake pops and cake bites, a variety of chocolate covered salty and sweet items. This is a favorite addition for many wedding receptions.

Are groom’s cakes out? What alternatives have you seen?

Absolutely not! I have seen a surge of very creative requests. Couples are very intent on making sure the groom is represented in a big way. I have designed cakes with moving parts, sounds, their favorite hobby, as well as their childhood favorite flavor — funfetti.  


A special thank you to Stacie Kobs, owner of Stacie’s Cake for giving us an inside look at upcoming trends and how couple’s can create their wedding day — their way! To see what delicious creations Stacie can make for your big day, visit her Brides of Oklahoma vendor profile.

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