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Planning a Backyard Wedding: This Bride-to-Be is Sharing her Experience

The staff of Wedlink Media is booming with brides-to-be, as well as a couple newlyweds. Working in an industry where they are in-the-know on all things wedding has its advantages when it comes to planning the big day. In this video, Wedlink Media’s Office Manager, Madison, tells us all about planning a backyard wedding. She gives insight into the extra logistics required to pull off a flawless event at your own home.

Madison and her high school sweetheart Chase chose to get married in the backyard she grew up in, because of the sentimental value it held for them. Backyard weddings can be made so special when the venue is a significant place for the couple. Madison noted that by choosing a backyard venue she thought the planning process would be a breeze because she would be able to control everything. This was not exactly the case, because at home weddings bring up many logistical questions. Finding accommodations for the catering team and bringing in lighting were some areas that Madison had to navigate before her big day. Planning a backyard wedding can be a bigger production then what it appear to be from the outside. In the end, any bride who choses a backyard as their venue will be left with a magical event to remember.

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