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Box Talent Agency provides Oklahoma wedding bands and entertainment



If you’re looking for some great tunes to shake up your wedding but aren’t sure exactly what you want, we recommend checking out Box Talent Agency. They have a huge list of bands — we know you’ll find one that’s perfect for your event. Here are just a few! Dave and the Wavetones are masters of versatility! They offer arrangements to cover classic dance songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s with their solo ensemble to incorporating a 12- or 16-piece band to play your favorite Jazz, Big Band and Swing classics. The Stars are an OKC based variety band with a repertoire including music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and today’s top 40 hits including artists like The Beatles, Prince, Nelly, The Killers and Justin Timberlake. Smilin’ Vic and the Soul Monkeys are dynamic entertainers and have performed around the world. They play rhythm and blues with a splash of soul and dance that will get you on your feet! Souled Out is a variety, dance, and show band that exudes high energy and features one of the most entertaining horn sections in the industry.  They specialize in the “Big Chill” sound and liven up the party with hits from the ’50s through the ’90s. The Groove Merchants are some of OKC’s finest jazz, rock and country players. This 8-piece horn band loves to cover great music. From Stevie Wonder, Chicago, to today’s top 40 hits, they perform all your favorites and will transform to meet your needs from a jazz octet, six-piece rock band, to the full-blown Groove Merchants with the 3-piece OKC Horns. Brent Van Sickle Orchestra is an acclaimed Texas based “Party Orchestra,” this group is considered one of the most energetic and dynamic dance bands available. The orchestra can expand to include an 8-piece, 10-piece or 12-piece band and performs many different styles including Jazz, Classic Rock, Motown and Disco. Rock on!