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If you haven’t seen the Filippa Scott line of wedding shoes, you’re missing out on something spectacular.  Known as “one of Britain’s leading bridal shoe designers,” Filippa is gaining widespread recognition in the U.S. as well.  Aside from the design and fine fabric options, what separates Filippa from the worlds of other wedding shoes is her attention to comfort.  She understands the time brides spend on their feet at the wedding and with this in mind, every shoe in her signature Filippa Scott and Fifi line has 3mm-4mm of padding inside!   Made from the finest duchesse satin and Italian leathers, these shoes come in a variety of styles that will bring happiness to your hemline.  And, be sure to check out the Filippa Scott Luxe collection, a limited edition line of shoes with Swarovski crystal trims from Italy! Only 50 pairs of each design in this exclusive line are made each season, sending brides on a frenzy to find them!  Oklahoma brides can check out Filippa Scott locally at Meg Guess Couture in Oklahoma City.