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You Deserve It: How to Treat Yo’Self in the Midst of Wedding Planning

If you’re a bride-to-be who’s been looking for a reason to treat yourself, take this as your sign to go for it! You (yes, you!) deserve to treat yo’self, not just today, but every day. You’ve earned a break from wedding planning, and there’s no better way to utilize that time than filling it with things that bring you joy. Buy the flowers, eat the cookies and get that gift you’ve been wanting – making yourself a priority in any way is oh-so important, especially in this crazy time time we’re in. We’re taking major inspiration from Donna and Tom in Parks and Rec, as it’s time to “Treat Yo’Self” with some of the best vendors Oklahoma has to offer!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Photo // Baked Cookie Co.

After changing your diet and workout plans leading up to the wedding, it’s safe to say you’re long overdue on satisfying your sweet tooth. Indulge in all (we won’t be keeping track) of the delectable treats from these “sweet” vendors! Remember: you deserve it!

Cafe DiscoCafe Disco lives for those quiet mornings where you can sit down with your cup of coffee and graze on delicious macaroons, all while catching up on that book you haven’t been able to read during wedding planning. As the ultimate treat yo’self location, Cafe Disco has 12 specialty macaroon flavors in store each day, along with being gluten friendly. Don’t worry about taking one of each flavor home with you – we’ve all been there, and it’s completely worth it!

Whimsy Cookie Co.: Nothing beats an ooey gooey, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie with an iced coffee for a treat yo’self snack (or breakfast, lunch, or dinner). Whimsy Cookie Co. definitely goes above and beyond on the delicious scale with their cookie bites, cookie cakes, and chocolate dipped oreos (you heard that right). Gluten free brides, they’ve even got you covered – there’s no wonder why Whimsy is definitely a must-have on any treat yo’self adventure!

Mixed Sugar: We’re pretty positive that cookies only taste as good as they look, and that’s why the sugar cookies from Mixed Sugar are always an 11/10 on our cookie-tasting scale! Remember what we said above about you deserving the cookies? Yep, we were definitely talking about the beautiful sugar cookies from this Oklahoma vendor. Treating yo’self isn’t complete until you’ve had two or three of these scrumptious treats!

Baked Cookie Co.: Honestly, who doesn’t love a good cookie? I know we do, and that’s why Baked Cookie Co. is always a go-to when we are needing fresh, sweet cookies ASAP! Treat yo’self and treat yo’soul with one of Baked Cookie Co’s indulgent cookies – from their spin on the classic chocolate chip cookie, to their fire roasted s’more cookie, you’ll always be wanting “s’more” of these delectable treat yo’self sweets!

Get Chu Some Blooms

Photo // The Wild Mother

You “grow” girl! Now that you’ve got the sweets, it’s time to brighten up your home with some gorgeous blooms that are just as lovely as you. Flowers are a universal sign for love, so it only makes sense to love yourself and treat yo’self with some of the prettiest blooms around. Remember: you deserve it!

The Wild Mother: Flowers bring so much into your life – the fresh smells, pops of color, and simple joy that comes along with having a beautiful bundle of flowers is unmatched. That’s why treating yourself with floral workshops from The Wild Mother will give you an excuse to never not have fresh bouquets of flowers around the house! Plus, you’ll become a floral expert yourself, and be able to treat yo’self whenever you please. The ultimate two-in-one!

Trochta’s Flowers and Garden Center: Think you need an occasion to get a bouquet of flowers from Trochta’s? Well, you’re in luck, as treating yourself counts as a holiday in our book! You simply can’t walk into Trochta’s without walking out with something – whether it’s a succulent for the plant lover who can’t seem to keep plants alive or a bright bouquet of sunflowers, these blooms are a must-have when it comes to treating yourself!

Retail Therapy (sorry, not sorry, bank account)

Photo // Plenty Mercantile 

You’ve got the sweets and the blooms, now it’s time for some retail therapy! Let’s just say that treating yourself has no monetary limits, because getting yourself that gift you’ve been wanting is completely priceless. Remember: you deserve it!

Bebe’s: Not only can Bebe’s help you curate an incredible wedding registry, it also serves as a place to get yourself some incredible gifts that may not have made it on that registry! Some of the things we suggest may be: the perfect accessory item to compliment your favorite outfit, some stylish office supplies to make your at-home work space functional and chic, a vase to house those new treat yo’self florals, or a cozy throw to snuggle in all night long – you honestly can’t go wrong when it comes to selecting items from their inventory. You’ll want all the goods from this treat yo’self location!

Plenty Mercantile: At the end of all the wedding planning and your big day, you’re definitely going to want to reminisce on those memories for a lifetime. The Plenty Mercantile has so many options when it comes to documenting those details, ranging from memory books or journals to record all of your adventures in. While you’re there, treat yo’self while also treating the environment with their endless options of sustainable goods or unique home decor pieces – you’ll definitely have a hard time leaving without something in hand!

Don’t forget about your groom!

Photo // Bonobos, Ashley Bosnick Photography

Yes, it’s been fun treating yourself, but you can’t forget about your groom! After helping you through the wedding planning process (as much or as little as it may be), he definitely deserves a little treat yo’self. Remember how you deserve it? Well, he does, too!

Bonobos: The perks of buying your guy clothes at Bonobos? Stealing all the comfy-cozy sweaters and shirts you get for him. We give you that permission! Stop by their store today to treat your groom to a brand new stylish polo, a fancy new tie, or some oversized sweatpants you steal along with his sweaters. Win for your groom, win for you!

Everyman: After quarantine, your groom could be looking a little scruffy. Drop a not-so-subtle hint by treating him to a day at Everyman, where they will have him looking as good as ever! Treat him to a day of getting pampered while sitting there sipping on a nice cup of coffee and looking through some of the most trendy menswear around – who says men don’t enjoy a good hair appointment and shopping?

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