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Look Good, Feel Better: Beauty Self Care Tips for Brides-To-Be

Preparing for the wedding of your dreams is no joke, and large amounts of stress from wedding planning can seriously take a toll on your mental health. Taking the time to treat yourself, no matter what that looks like for you, means that you will look and feel your best – and self care is so crucial to support mental health. We put together some wedding self care tips to help you remember to keep your own needs at the top of the priority list! Check out these luxurious and relaxation-focused Oklahoma beauty vendors and salons where you can be sure to treat yourself before your big day makes you feel like a big ball of stress. Read on to plan a spa day perfect for any bride-to-be!

Tousled Locks

wedding self care tips

Photo // Stag & Doe

Having someone else tame your mane is one of the most relaxing ways to treat yourself. Cute curls, beautiful braids, whimsical waves and so many more options await you, so have fun with it! You can even allow yourself to drift off into a little power nap while your hairstylist makes the magic happen (we promise we won’t tell).

Glowy Skin

Facial // GLOW by Kenna Sherice

Facials, chemical peels and microdermabrasion can rejuvenate and freshen up your look before the big day! If your skin concerns require addressing sun damage, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, redness, or broken capillaries, then one of these services may be meant for you – they’re all focused on the preservation of healthy skin cells and protection and minimizing the visible signs of photodamaged skin.

GLOW by Kenna Sherice – If you’re looking for a beauty pro who does it all, GLOW by Kenna Sherice is your go-to! She offers a variety of services, including lashes, brows, waxing, spray tans, facials, dermaplaning, and more. Plus, if you’re looking to clear up your acne before your big day, she offers an Acne Bootcamp to get your skin clear and glowing in no time!

Salon Service

Photo // M Salon

Makeup takes so many forms in this day and age but one thing that will never change about it is how good it feels to put it on and look absolutely bomb! A makeover can change your life, and your whole attitude – just ask Mia Thermopolis, Princess of Genovia.

M Salon – Head to M Salon for a gorgeous, glowing makeover – whether you have an event to head to afterward or not, a little sprucing up can make any bride-to-be feel brand new! 

Do-It-Yourself TLC

In the middle of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, it may be harder than usual to make some of these things happen. Everybody needs a little TLC so just know, we got you anyway! DIY self care at home has the potential to be even more rewarding and fun than treating yourself out and about because whether you’re painting your own toes or practicing mindful meditation, you are still getting to de-stress and spend relaxing and fulfilling time with your self, as well as your significant other. And that’s what your wedding is all about anyway! Shop our favorite beauty finds here!

Looking for even more Oklahoma health and beauty experts? Find some of the best in the business here! Cheers!