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Hear Us Out… Wedding Cookies Are A Must!

Wedding cookies are taking the dessert side of the wedding industry by storm! Cookies have a few unique benefits and are the perfect addition to your wedding, like being cost-effective, having customizability, and even making a unique favor with their ability to be individually packaged and sealed. They’re also a perfect addition to any dessert bar! Luckily we know a few local vendors that can hook you up with wedding cookies to suit your every need. 

Ellie Kate Cookies

Lorena Gardner, the owner of Ellie Kate Cookies, is a one-woman show. She’s known for creating handcrafted cookies that cater to every taste. Lorena’s passion for her craft goes beyond simply making decorated cookies; each creation is a cherished part of someone else’s joyous moments, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or engagement celebration. With every cookie, Lorena infuses a piece of herself, adding a touch of sweetness to life’s happiest occasions.

Dragonfly Desserts

Elevate your event or celebration with tasty sugar cookies from Dragonfly Desserts! Known for their stunning and intricate designs, these cookies are sure to impress and create lasting memories. Each treat is a work of art, custom-made to match your vision and theme. Add a touch of sweetness and fun to your special occasion, and make it truly unforgettable with Dragonfly Desserts’ beautifully decorated sugar cookies!

In conclusion, opting for custom cookies for your wedding is a memorable choice that adds a unique touch to your special day. Customized cookies allow you to infuse personalization, creativity, and charm into your wedding favors or dessert table. From intricately decorated designs to personalized messages or monograms, these delectable treats become a reflection of your love story.

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