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Our Latest Wedding Obsession Explained – All the Info on Live Painting

by Jennifer Mathis

Wedding vendors are creatives by nature, but we still almost can’t believe all the new ways they have revolutionized the industry in the past few years with services that make for some seriously unique wedding celebrations. Among those is live painting as a form of entertainment for guests to enjoy while capturing a moment in time with a piece of custom art you will remember and cherish forever. You probably still have a few questions about it all, and that’s why we asked live wedding painter and Oklahoma wedding professional Courtney Kibby Cooper of Courtney Kibby Designs a little about her process and the importance of hiring an artist. Read on!

(guest post by Courtney Kibby Cooper of Courtney Kibby Designs)

live painter at your wedding


What does a live wedding painter do?

A live wedding painter PAINTS YOUR WEDDING.  Each has different offerings, but the bulk remains the same. You work with your painter to choose the exact moment you want painted, and your painter paints it. It’s really that simple.  Choosing the ideal moment may not be easy, but thats why live wedding painters are professionals and can guide you through the process and make the best decision for you and your fiancé.

Typical live wedding painting packages include one painting and 4-6 hours of live painting and entertainment for your guests – talk about including TRADITION and a heaping spoonful of charm!


Why hire a live wedding painter?

A live wedding painter is highly attuned to the exact moment the bride wants painted. My goal as a live wedding painter isn’t working to make sure every moment is taken care of, but instead capturing one special and timeless memory that can hang on your wall forever and be passed down as an heirloom for generations. Because of that, live wedding painters are laser-focused. We are there to not only help make sure that your day is perfect, but ensure that perfect happily ever after moment is captured beautifully.


Why does art matter?

Such a good question! I’m going to briefly refer back to the two blogposts I’ve written on why art matters (click here for part 1 and here for part 2). In a nutshell, art matters because it is good for our minds, bodies and souls. Not only do I firmly believe this, but statistics show that it’s absolutely true.


I’m getting a photographer/videographer. Do I still need this?

Capturing your wedding with photos is beautiful! It’s a precious way to remember your day. I’m not discounting the value of photographs, but the value that art adds not only to your life and your day is priceless.

Let’s also not discount the fact that the photographer is there to blend in and take photos, and the live wedding painter is there to ENTERTAIN your guests and draw them to fall even more in love with your special day and remember it vividly. We’re not all over the place trying to capture 502472847 moments as “special” like photographers, but are instead working hard to capture one SPECTACULAR moment. Painting in front of a group of people isn’t easy, but the promise is real—I’m good at what I do, and if you’re nervous about it, check out my happiness guarantee.

So why hire a live wedding painter? Because your future self deserves it!

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