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5 Ways to Help Keep Your Wedding Guests Safe

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With vaccines rolling out and mandates being lifted, life may seem like it’s on its way back to – dare we say – normal? However, if you’re hosting a wedding anytime soon, precautions are still very necessary to help keep your wedding guests safe. Just no sense in taking a chance! Read on for five smart ways to celebrate safely and make sure your guests enjoy themselves while keeping risk factors as low as possible.

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Wedding Guests Safe

Photos // Paper + More, Aaron Snow Photography

1. Make Use of Outdoor + Open-Air Spaces

Taking your celebrations outside helps to keep air flow at a maximum and allows you to take advantage of tons of extra space for distancing. A win-win! If you haven’t considered a tented reception, we totally recommend looking into this option. From frame tents to structured tents to the whimsical sailcloth options, wedding tents have expanded in style, selection and more over the last decade. Tents allow your guests to have a constant source of fresh air and to spread out, even in the event of less-than-ideal weather.

If a tent isn’t an option, consider outdoor venues with usable lawn space to allow guests to move around safely.

2. Maintain Socially Distanced Seating Throughout the Day

This is where a seating chart becomes extra important. To help keep your wedding guests safe, you’ll want to carefully consider seating arrangements and make sure social distance is maintained throughout the day, from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner and beyond. Work with your venue and your planner to make sure tables of people who aren’t from the same household are far enough apart, consider a few different lounge areas with seating spaced a smart distance apart and consider a VIP seating section for certain parts of the day for those guests who may be more high-risk.

3. Don’t Skimp on Germ Protection

Take a stand against infection risk by making sure you have plenty of individual hand sanitizers, masks and mini wipe packets conveniently available for guests in as many places as possible. Anti-bacterial stations placed strategically throughout your venue are always smart, as are individual items placed at each guest’s seat. Take the opportunity to add a punch of pizazz to these items by having them made custom to match the branded elements of your wedding! Whether you have a monogram or a distinct color scheme for your wedding, small items like these are perfect places to carry your wedding theme even further.

4. Serve Meals Safely

Cocktail hour and mealtime are two parts of your day where you’ll want to be extra mindful of your guests’ safety. Your bartenders and caterers should still be taking all necessary precautions to serve food and drinks safely. We definitely recommend individual dining options for cocktail hour, like personal snack boxes, individually wrapped hors d’oeuvres or if you do go with a buffet option, making sure sneeze screens are in place and that minimal servers make contact with the food before it’s passed on to each guest. Single-serve is the name of the game!

5. Consider On-Site Testing

If you want to go the extra mile and do the absolute most to ensure the safety of your family in friends in attendance, consider on-site testing. You could have designated temperature takers wearing gloves and masks, using a quick-scan digital thermometer to monitor guests’ temperatures as they enter, or you can even go as far as to offer on-site rapid Covid tests for your guests! RightNow Laboratory is a testing company based in Texas that provides rapid Covid tests for couples and their wedding guests, with two different options for results available in as little as ten minutes with an antigen test, or a molecular test version with results available in 30 minutes.

Bonus: Invest in a Planner’s Expertise

Planning a wedding is overwhelming no matter when you’re getting married, but add in the stress of a lasting pandemic and you have quite a few extra issues you’ll need to think through. A professional wedding planner is trained and experienced to consider all possible situations and come up with solutions that make the most sense for you, your guests and your budget. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a planner’s expertise!

See our full Covid wedding guide here!

April Showers: What to Wear to your Upcoming Bridal Events

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We love this time of year and know from personal experience that it’s a popular time for wedding showers! We thought we’d share some gorgeous looks featuring a few of our favorite fashion trends that are perfect for a spring shower (or any upcoming bridal events) for both the bride-to-be and her guests! Happy Spring Showers!

April Showers: What to Wear to your Upcoming Bridal Events1. Audrina Eyelet Mini Dress | 2. Gala Ready Ruffle Midi Dress | 3. All Is Love White Midi Dress | 4. Unending Love Cream Midi Dress | 5. Folklore Midi Dress | 6. Love Swept Midi Skater Dress | 7. Wonderful Whims Midi Dress | 8. Bouquet for You Midi Dress | 9. Briarwood Midi Dress

1. Bessie Baby Doll Dress | 2. Violet Mini Dress | 3. Front Ruffle Midi Dress | 4. Bonnie Smocked Midi Dress | 5. Tied With Love Dress | 6. Strolls with You Maxi Dress | 7. Embroidered Mini Dress | 8. Fresh Season Green Foral Print Tiered Mini Dress | 9. Frolic with Me Mustard Floral Print Maxi Dress

Shop our faves for all your upcoming bridal events via our, plus check out the rest of our shoppable posts for carefully curated bridal must-haves!

This Moody Spring Rooftop Inspo is Filled with Organic Textures

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Organic textures and the raw, industrial setting that is The Venue at PLENTY Mercantile combine with a few fun florals in bright shades that remind us warmer days and weddings galore are just around the corner. This styled shoot is all about juxtaposition, planned and florally designed by Forever Borrowed to create a weddingscape that says “moody, but make it springtime.” Vintage and modern elements meet in the form of stunning rentals in the dreamiest lounge setup ever, making the perfect place for you to prop your feet up during cocktail hour or pose for a picture since it’s all so impeccably styled! This circular altar installation and centerpieces of romantic, garden-style florals are perfectly paired with plentiful, lush greenery by Forever Borrowed as well, and we are obsessed with their idea of a make-your-own bouquet bar allowing your wedding guests to bring home the prettiest party favors. This bride models a breathtaking yet effortless look that features a sweeping train with a beautifully beaded netting illusion down the entirety of the V-neck sheath gown from The Bridal Boutique. Between her gown, her emerald ring on an art deco sunburst setting from Jay’s Jewelry, and her flattering gown, this bride stands out assuring all eyes are on her – even in the middle of an overgrown oasis with so many organic textures like this one. Take it all in for yourself in the gallery down below. Cheers!

Photo // A.W. Photography Inc

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Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

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As you begin to think about the attire your bridesmaids will be wearing beside you on your big day, have you considered how what they will be wearing will shape their body positivity? Giving your girls the creative freedom to pick their own gown does so much more than just help you (and them) not break the bank, it also gives them a chance to showcase their own preferred style, let their own personality shine through and embrace their individuality. It’s amazing how something as simple as a gown style, fabric color or dress length makes all the difference in the confidence of your bridesmaids – and the more confident they are, the better off they’ll be in celebrating you! Scroll to read how letting your bridesmaids pick their own gown makes a difference in their body positivity. Cheers!

Bridesmaids & Body Positivity: How Picking their Gown Makes a Difference

Photo // Kristen Edwards Photography

Different dresses to match different body types

Everyone has a different body type and shape that is better showcased in one gown style over the other! Acknowledging that each of your bridesmaids has a different body type is a good starting point for helping them determine what type of gown they should wear for your celebration – one bridesmaid might love a strapless gown, while the other may love one with sleeves. A floor-length gown may look great on one of your girls, while another might love a short or high-low style. Asking these questions right from the beginning shows you are genuinely interested in the well-being of your girls and the gown styles that suite their body shape for better or for worse!

Work with skin tones and hair colors

Just like each girl has a different body type, each of your bridesmaids also has different skin tones and hair colors that go better with different colored dresses! Something as simple as taking your color palette into consideration and asking each girl how comfortable they will be with wearing a shade of a certain color makes all the difference. Your fair-skinned bridesmaid might not like to wear tan, white, cream or light blush because it makes them feel washed out or blend too well with their skin. One of your girls with red hair might not want to wear a bright pink dress. It all depends on your girls and their level of comfort with the colors you’re wanting to pursue!

Use a Bridal Consultant

A bridal consultant will be game for playing mix-and-match with you and your #bridetribe to get the most cohesive (and flattering) look across your bridal party. Local bridal salons come equipped with a collection of designer bridesmaid dresses that typically have a natural capsule-style line, as bridesmaids dresses typically debut in color-coordinating collections by season, with multiple neckline, bodice and skirt styles in the same color or fabric type. A consultant will easily be able to reference these looks and give you side-by-side visuals via gowns in store or via swatches, saving you the hours and hours of endlessly scrolling through your favorite online clothing stores and sending Pins back and forth. Shop locally in our favorite bridal salons here!

Happy bridesmaids, happy bride!

A mix of eclectic, yet cohesive, bridesmaids dresses is trending now more than ever – we absolutely love when we see them in weddings! Letting your bridesmaids pick out their own dresses allows a group of women with different bodies, style preferences and budgets to choose a look they truly love – embracing their own individuality in a beautiful way! It’s honestly in your best interest that your bridesmaids look and feel their best – if your bridesmaids can tell that you have their best interest in mind, they are more likely to have your best interest in mind throughout your whole wedding process. It’s all about creating a positive environment not just for you but also your bridesmaids – and it all starts from the second you ask them to stand up there with you! Plus, giving your bridesmaids a little trust that they’ll find the gown that’s right for them while respecting your desired colors takes a little bit of stress off of you – a win-win!

Look good, feel good: confidence is key!

The confidence of your bridesmaids is what makes them, them! Letting your bridesmaids choose their own gown lets them showcase their own preferred style and lets their own personality shine through. While you’ll know the majority of the people you’re standing in front of on your big day, your bridesmaids may not. It takes a lot of confidence to stand by your side in front of a lot of people they don’t know, so the more confident they are, the better they’ll be able to celebrate you! Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself in all aspects is a must – would you have chosen your wedding dress if you weren’t confident in it? But, also, confidence is SO much more than just the gown, hair, makeup and shoes – it’s what truly makes your girls beautiful, so make sure that their confidence shines in the gowns they wear!

You’re ready to find the bridal party attire perfect for each of your individual bridesmaids! Head to our local attire vendors’ page for locations on finding the perfect attire for your big day. Cheers! And read our guide on How to Pick Your Bridesmaids while planning all things bridesmaids! Happy planning!

This Exquisite Styled Shoot Shows off the Most Romantic Bridal Couture

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This romantic wedding inspiration is like a bridal couture fashion show in the most elegant setting possible! Three models showcasing different wedding gowns from Bella Rose Bridal Tulsa pose around the venue property and among exquisitely styled wedding scenes. A high neckline, a deep neckline and a mesh-covered illusion neckline are all on display so you can admire each style side by side. Color block peach and terra cotta invitations by Laurel & Marie are modern and oh-so-inviting, while copper flatware and natural ceramic grace a gauzy, organic tablescape accented with candlesticks, opulent crystal details and bentwood rentals from Party Pro Rents that could be set in any time period. A white wedding cake in unbelievable abstract ruffled design by Sweet Devotion Cakery opens up to reveal embossed floral details in warm, orangey shades that look too intricate to eat. This styled shoot has no shortage of tasteful, floral-filled details. Keep scrolling to take in all the beautiful details and haute bridal couture in this gallery, and in the killer video highlight filmed by Transform Visuals. Cheers!

Photo // Becca Louise Photography

Video // Transform Visuals

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