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Tricked her with a “Leaking Sink”

Zak and I own and rent out a condo where one of our friends live (this is also the condo where we first met when he picked me up for our first date), and he had our friend text me and say the sink was leaking and that we needed to go check on it. We were on our way to a “friend’s engagement party” or so I thought. When we got into the condo, I checked around at the sink and there was no leak! Then all of a sudden Zak calls me and tells me to go downstairs to help him carry his tool box. When I get to the bottom of the stairs I see big balloons in the numbers 466 for how many days ago we had met in that exact spot. And then there is Zak with rose petals in the grass and on one knee! He then told me that 466 days ago when we met he knew from the beginning that what we had was something special. He had a photographer there to capture the special moment, and then he had a surprise party of all of our family and friends at Side Car (where we got drinks on our first date)!