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Home Photo Shoot Surprise

We had just bought a house together, so I called my fiancé and said, “Hey, we need some good pictures for the house,” so I set up a photoshoot to get some pictures. After 10 minutes into the photoshoot, he says, “I have to fix my shoe.” I’m like, okay let me fix my hair while I have a second. Next thing I know, I look down and he is holding out a ring, then I just burst into tears! After the proposal, we continued on to our next location, and it was amazing (still in shock I was now engaged)! After, we came back to gather all of our stuff from the first location! Then I walk in and all of my family and close friends are there! They had transformed the first location into a little party – brought in cake, decorations and champagne! It was the sweetest day I have ever had! I will remember that day for the rest of my life.