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Before I Do

Alyssa + Keegan

photo | Peyton Rainey Photography


Keegan pulled off an amazing surprise proposal on the beautiful rooftop of Plenty Mercantile. However, the entire day did not go as smoothly as the proposal…

We had recently begun discussing buying or building a house. As such, we were both watching what we were spending and being money conscientious in general. That’s why I was so confused the day Keegan told me he wanted us to meet up with friends for a fancy dinner. I told him that was silly and we didn’t need to go. I won’t bore you with the details but we went back and forth for the better part of our Saturday until somehow Keegan convinced me that it would mean a lot to our friend who was “going through a hard time.”

We walked from Keegan’s apartment in Automobile Alley to Sidecar for a drink before dinner. By this time, I had (mostly) lost my bad attitude from earlier and started to enjoy the night. We were heading down Broadway towards dinner when all of a sudden, my friend Molly said that she wanted to run into Plenty Mercantile. Her brother had gotten married there a year before and she wanted to send him some pictures from the rooftop to commemorate his anniversary.

I protested–I was hungry! Plus, I didn’t think that we would be allowed to just stroll up on the rooftop without a reservation. Somehow, the kind staff at Plenty obliged my friend’s request. As we ascended the stairs, I could hear music playing. Keegan took my hand and led me over to an area that was decorated with pictures…of us! It finally clicked. He got down on one knee and proposed. I was shaking I was so surprised and happy!

From there, Keegan and I walked to Mahogany where he had made reservations for just the two of us. He told me about shopping for the ring and how he planned everything with our friends. After dinner, we met up with a huge group of our friends at O Bar. We ended the night with a late night waffle from Waffle Champion.

It was truly one of the best nights of my life. We walked all over Oklahoma City and hit so many of our favorite places with some of our favorite people. I also loved that we had the perfect amount of one on one time at dinner so that we could soak it all in. He nailed it!