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Before I Do

Ashley + Jaxon

Photos // Tammy Odell Photography

Ashley + Jaxon

Sparks Flew on the Fourth of July!

Jaxon proposed to me on July 4th, in front of my whole family. It was the most perfect day. We spent it on the river, the same river that we both practically grew up on, with my whole family, catching fish and riding four-wheelers around, then ended with a huge fish fry that my dad does every single year. While we were eating, I couldn’t find Jaxon, he had vanished! Later I found out it’s because he was going around showing everyone my ring, and was so ready and excited – he wanted to propose while we were all eating! So glad he waited for it to be dark, and for the firecrackers. As I was lighting some sparklers, he pulled me to the side and got down on one knee. I was so excited, I really can’t remember what exactly he even said. I will cherish that moment forever. I loved it because it was so pure and so us. It wasn’t over-the-top romantic or anything. It was us – a little muddy, barefoot, right there in front of my whole family. Jaxon was my very first boyfriend at the age of 13, my first kiss and the first love of my life, and now he gets to be my last. I couldn’t be more grateful for him.