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Hajra + Bhargav

Photos // Andi Bravo Photography

Hajra + Bhargav

She wanted to borrow his jacket… where the ring was hidden!

After 11 years of dating (8 of them long distance!), I had given up on any kind of grand surprise proposal. So when Bhargav visited me late December 2019, and we planned to walk around OU to remember our college days, I didn’t think anything of it. We walked to the old physics building where we first met. He circled it a couple of times trying to get into the doors but they were locked since it was winter break. I didn’t even notice how nervous he was until he did a full 360 turn and pulled out the ring from his jacket (now it made sense why he didn’t let me borrow it when I was cold). I was shocked and didn’t realize what happened until hours later when it all hit me! I’m engaged! – Hajra

I drove to Norman on the morning of December 28th to spend the day with Hajra. I dressed up because I was going to propose that evening. I carried her ring in my coat pocket. I surprised her first with flowers. She was confused about my clothes and the flowers, but she did not suspect anything. I suggested that she dress up and we spend the day out together. Being the stubborn girl she is, she refused to dress up and in fact bought me a T-shirt to wear instead of my fancy clothes so I didn’t look dressed up in front of her! We had lunch and then went to see the latest Star Wars movie. Needless to say, my anxiety about what was forthcoming grew, so I don’t really know what happened in that movie. During the movie she asked for my jacket because she was cold, but I said, “NO!” when she tried to take it because she might find the ring (she’s very snoopy in that way). This was the second time that day she became confused. After the movie, I suggested we visit our old OU campus and walk around. My plan was to propose to her at the very place we met, but the physics building was locked. We walked around some more and found a small tree garden in front of another building where we spent a lot of time as students. She said, “This place is nice.” I looked at her and asked, “Oh yeah? This place is nice?” She looked at me confused for the third time that day. I pulled the ring out of my pocket and did a 360 – not because I was smooth but because I was so nervous and shuffled around with the ring. I got on one knee and proposed. Amazingly, she said yes instantly, but she had little to no reaction. About an hour later, we were drinking coffee together at a Starbucks, and she began jumping and glowing with happiness as the reality of our engagement hit her. – Bhargav