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Barre3: Finding Confidence in Your Unique Strengths

It’s time to work off that turkey and get wedding day ready! Inspired by a combination of three exercise practices, ballet barre, yoga and pilates, Barre3 is designed to lift, lengthen and tone your body. Today, we’re taking a minute to dive deeper into this ever-popular workout by gaining a better understanding of the lifestyle that serves as its cornerstone to ensure the best version of yourself is making that walk down the aisle! Of course, Barre3 offers a unique approach to fitness with its low-impact moves and high-muscle burn, but what really sets it apart is the overarching goal to break down the negativity surrounding health and fitness.

With new workout and diet trends changing practically every day, it can be hard to find a community that openly promotes confidence through individuality. We’re so accustomed to treating exercise as a punishment, convincing ourselves that if we aren’t out of breath and seeing stars then we aren’t working hard enough. We’re constantly compelled to strive for this unrealistic idea of perfection that seemingly holds only one identity when the truth of the matter is that this flawless picture simply does not exist. Barre3 recognizes these falsehoods, and stands strong on a foundation comprised of internal empowerment and self-love!

“Within the four walls of a Barre3 studio, the stage is set for you to explore your individual truth, to stand up for yourself, and to build confidence in your unique strengths and wisdom,” says Franchise Master Trainer Sarah Catherine Wheatley.

Barre3 is so much more than squats, lunges and planks. It’s a mentality-based discipline that gets you healthy from the inside out! Retraining your mind to love the current body it’s in while working toward improvement can make all the difference when it comes to exercise, and surrounding yourself with a motivating community rooted in doing just that is the best way we can think of to get your fitness journey started off on the right foot!

On top of a focus on physical activity, Barre3 has curated a special nutrition formula tailored to help you meet your goals of weight management, mental clarity and consistent energy. Eliminating foods that could unknowingly be harmful to your body holds just as much importance as incorporating those that will better serve it. Gluten, refined sugar, dairy, alcohol and coffee all carry the potential to sabotage your success.

Gluten causes inflammation in your gut and blocks the absorption of essential nutrients, while refined sugar depletes the immune system and disrupts blood-sugar levels. Dairy carries a slew of unwanted side affects including: inflammation, digestive problems, increase in mucus production and fatigue. Alcohol is sugar, but deserves its own recognition because we know how hard it can be to eliminate entirely. It causes enormous blood-sugar spikes, causing your body to convert that extra energy directly into fat. Similarly, coffee stimulates the release of cortisol, our stress hormone, that speeds the absorption of sugar into the blood stream. That’s right, you know what’s coming! Unspent energy = fat stored in the body.

Positive changes in energy, mood and sleep are just a handful of worthy results to upgrade your diet for!

Ready to transform your health? Book a class with our friends at Barre3 today and prepare to discover a happier, healthier you!

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