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3 Healthy Ways to Keep Bridal Stress at Bay

There’s no stress like wedding planning stress, and add in a worldwide pandemic to throw a wrench or two in your plans? Yeah, that can make a joyous season a whole lot tougher. Dealing with bridal stress can feel overwhelming, lonely, misunderstood and frustrating. It’s incredibly important for those in the midst of wedding planning to prioritize mental health and set aside time to do things that make you feel good! It’s no secret that physical health and fitness directly correlates with mental health and a more positive mental state – we’ve got a few fun ways for you to tackle both at once! Keep the bridal stress at bay, clear your mind and get your heart rate up by engaging in some of these stress-reducing activities.

Pump It Up with Friends

Try a high-intensity workout with friends. There’s strength in numbers – especially when you’re pumping it up with your pals! You’ll leave a Pure Barre Edmond or Pure Barre Tulsa Midtown class feeling sore and renewed in the best way. These targeted workouts offer an encouraging, supportive environment to work on your fitness and sweat it out with friends!

Explore your town in a new way. Get outside and get moving! Rollerblade, scooter, skateboard, or may we suggest …  Ride OKCThis group bike tour is a super fun way to see the city while getting a workout in and reducing stress (while hitting up a few breweries along the way)!

Turn Off the Noise

Watch your screen time. As you’re scrolling Instagram, Pinterest and the ‘net for inspiration galore, make sure you’re setting healthy screen time boundaries, too. It’s easier than we realize to get sucked into unhealthy phone habits. Try the Moment app to help reduce mindless scrolling and get up and move your body, instead!

Try a yoga or pilates class. A quiet, low-impact workout is the perfect way to find your zen zone, clear your mind and work your body at the same time. Club Pilates Nichols Hills and Club Pilates Edmond offer wonderful classes that focus on lengthening and strengthening your muscles and are inclusive to every body. Relieve stress and boost your confidence? That’s a win-win!

Prepare for your “me time.” Scheduling out time for your mediations or workouts is a MUST. You will be less likely to watch just one more episode of Queer Eye when you’ve allotted this time for yourself already. Write it in your calendar if that’s helpful and schedule it directly before or after work or right before bed so it’s less invasive to your free time. Be prepared for your workout by investing in gear you enjoy using – shop our Amazon faves here – and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be way more inclined to get to the mat.

Find a Cheerleader

Work with a nutrition coach. If bridal stress has you shoveling anything and everything into your grocery cart or developing unhealthy habits with food, you’re not alone. No matter your current size or your goal size, working with someone who’s qualified to develop an eating plan tailored to YOU can reduce stress and set you up for success long after the wedding day is over.

See the difference a personal trainer can make. There’s no better time to invest in a personal trainer – someone who will really understand your needs + what works best for you and can tap into that inner confidence to help you feel your fiercest! FIIT Fitness Studio, which offers Focused Intense Interval Training via both group classes and personal one-on-one training sessions, whichever you prefer, is one of our favorite local options. FIITs fitness pros offer personalized nutrition programs, too!

We hope these ideas can help you on your way to keeping bridal stress at bay. Remember, it’s normal to feel extra stressed during this season of life, but if you’re feeling too overwhelmed or not like yourself, it’s more than okay to ask for help! No matter what you need before the big day, our trusted local wedding vendors are ready to help. You got this!

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