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Bridal Beauty Tips from Profile Concierge Hair Services


Beauty insight for the big day is on every bride’s mind, so we sat down with local hair and makeup artist Ali Jackson from Profile Concierge Hair Services to bring you the 411 on the latest bridal beauty tips and trends!

What are the advantages of doing a makeup trial run before the big day?
Where do I begin?! Brides today are savvy creatures, and knowledge is power. Knowing exactly what products are going to be applied to your skin, how they REACT to your skin and how a specific inspiration from an editorial, Pinterest or any look you may be dreaming of translates onto you can eliminate an INCREDIBLE amount of uncertainty and anxiety from your wedding day. As a stylist, the trial appointment gives me such a unique opportunity to get to get to know my brides, understand their style point of view, and truly customize a wedding day look that both looks flawless, and feels authentic. Trials also give the bride the ability to play around with more than just a single look. Torn between a smoky eye and an impactful lip? Try each look on for size! I also offer my brides the opportunity to use their trial appointment for bridal portraits if they’re doing them prior to the wedding day as a way to keep things cost effective.

What advice do you have for a bride trying to find the right look for her wedding day?
I’d say the most poignant piece of advice I can give any bride is that your wedding day isn’t the right time to step too far out of your comfort zone. Let me clarify: if you are ordinarily a makeup-free, au natural kind of girl, I’m not suggesting you skip the makeup and let your hair air dry for your nuptials! I’m simply suggesting that it may not be the time to try that fabulously exaggerated winged liner look you’ve been secretly lusting for. I’m a firm believer that each bride should look like simply the best version of themselves! The right stylist can guide you in the right direction with a great consultation. Bring your stylist several looks you like, or find interesting for one reason or another, and be sure to be specific about what it is about each look in particular that you like. As always, Pinterest is a great ally when you’re searching for the right hair and makeup look for your wedding day, and don’t forget to pour through the pages of The Brides of Oklahoma during your quest for beauty inspiration!

What beauty products should every bride have with her at all times?
As an event beauty specialist, I ultimately feel that if I’m doing my job right, the products the bride needs at an arm’s reach should be absolutely minimal! That being said… this is Oklahoma. And it’s hot. And windy. Especially during the summer months, I suggest my brides keep pressed powder and blotting papers accessible for minor touch-ups, as well as having their lip color and/or gloss on hand to touch up as necessary. My favorite pressed powder option is the Sheer Finish Pressed Powder by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Shiseido makes some INCREDIBLE blotting papers which are available at Sephora. The Shiseido version are admittedly a pricier option, so if you’re looking for a more budget conscious version, both Clean and Clear and NYX make great blotting paper products that are available at most drugstores.

What beauty trends do you predict for the fall?
ACCESSORIES!!! Just as spring and summer flower crowns have largely stolen the show for the past year, chic metallic headbands, and hair accessories are going to be huge this fall. Designers like Jennifer Behr are doing amazing things with bridal hair accessories. If you’re a bride on a budget, it’s actually an opportunity to put an incredibly unique and innovative touch on your style. I’ve incorporated brooches from grandmothers, pieces of old broken necklaces that have been in someone’s family for generations, and even heirloom diamond earrings into bridal hair designs! In addition to metallic accessories, boho brides can rest easy – flower crowns and braids aren’t going anywhere! Both trends will continue to be major beauty players in the fall.

What is your favorite shade of lipstick?
I don’t know… what mood am I in?! It feels like asking who my favorite band is! When it comes to brides, I find I use an overwhelming amount of colors from the New Nudes collection by Marc Jacobs Beauty. The formula is rich and creamy without being overly shiny, and the colors are divine. They generally flow with my “dressed up version of yourself” philosophy, and they also come in some of the most stunning, gently enhancing shades. My favorites from the collection are Rosy Nude and Have We Met.

Do you recommend false eyelashes?
I do – in nearly every situation, on even my most natural of brides. The difference a set of false lashes, if even only for volume, can make in the photographs of your look on your wedding day cannot be understated. The good news is that falsies have come a long way, and there is a set for everyone. If you like a natural look, small clusters of a few individual lashes in short and extra short make an incredible impact in photographs and draw a great deal of attention to the eye. If you’re used to a more dressed up look, rocking a fabulously minky set of lashes truly ups the game in the drama and glamour department! Let your beauty professional walk you through the difference, and if you’re unsure, use your trial as an opportunity to experiment!

How can a bride keep her makeup looking fresh and flawless throughout her big day?
Be certain your beauty professional used waterproof mascara for those inescapable waterworks, keep your pressed powder and blotting papers handy for impromptu touch-ups, and let your happiness radiate! If you have an especially long day or the overwhelming urge to eliminate any extra anxiety, you may consider the option of keeping your beauty professional on-site and on-hand for regular touch-ups and readjustments. This also gives you the option of exploring a second look for your reception.

Any other beauty tips for brides to be?
Stay well hydrated in the days leading up to your wedding, as well as the day of! Hydrated skin and hair is happy skin and hair!

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