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Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Groom Questions Answered

Inevitably while consulting with a couple about the needs of the groom, we’re met with the question, “What do most people do?” Below, we’re sharing our top five most commonly asked groom questions, and answering them with the honesty that EVERYMAN guarantees its clients.

Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Groom Questions Answered

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What do most people spend?

Easily the most common question asked during a consultation. At EVERYMAN we like to talk about suits like tires. Most tires are round, black and made of rubber. However, they vary significantly in price from $35/tire to $350/tire. Suits, tuxedos and menswear in general are the same. At EVERYMAN we pride ourselves in selling the $35 tire and the $350 tire. To better understand what drives the price in suiting be sure to read a previous Brides of Oklahoma post titled Everything You Need to Know About Suite and Tuxedo Pricing. If you have a sports car taste, you’re going to need to be willing to buy sports car tires. If you’re okay with average tread wear, budget tires will do the trick. Just remember, when you’re thinking about price, pick a budget that is comfortable for you and your wedding party and meet with a vendor who can accommodate it.

An Honest EVERYMAN Answer:

$79.99/per person – $999.99/per person

What do most people wear?

It’s your wedding, you get to do it your way. We often prompt clients to imagine their photographs. Ultimately the wedding day goes by so fast – the pictures and memories are what you’re left with. What do you want that to look like? What do you want to be reminded of? From boots and blue jeans, to full black tie, at EVERYMAN we can easily accommodate any look. A look can be inspired by a host of inspirations including: the tastes of a groom, very frequently the taste of a bride, the location of the venue, the season, and the unique personalities of the people wearing the look.

An Honest EVERYMAN Answer:


How do most people handle billing?

Sometimes clients really struggle with the idea of billing. Should we have our groomsmen pay? Should we pay? Should parents pay? Should we split it? Should we subsidize it? There’s not a consistent approach here from our experience. The only consistent best practice we recommend is transparency. Be open and honest with those responsible for payment about budget and the financial implications of asking each member of your party to pay their own way. Sometimes it’s appropriate to used a mixed approach. Some members are billed in total and other’s are subsidized by other members of the wedding party. Work with a vendor like EVERYMAN to discuss a broad array of payment and billing options.

An Honest EVERYMAN Answer:

In a way that best suits their financial situation. All puns intended.

What do most people do for groomsmen gifts?

Honestly, sometimes nothing. You don’t have to do a gift. A simple note sometimes speaks volumes to the members of your wedding party. Sometimes, especially when opting for a “for purchase” suiting option, we let grooms on a budget know that the suit itself makes a great keepsake. Working with somebody like us can open you up to more options. At EVERYMAN we specialize in the custom. From monogramed beer mugs to embroidered luggage to curated shaving kits. We really do it all. We recently planned out flasks for a groom that had a map of the street layout of each of his groomsmen’s hometowns etched into the side. We really just operate within a “per/groomsmen budget” and get creative around shared interests of the group. We do encourage going with something practical. Something like luggage or a special pen is something your wedding party is sure to use and remember their time at your wedding.

An Honest EVERYMAN Answer:

Most guys are opting for custom gifts these days.

What do most people do for the groom’s wedding band?

At EVERYMAN we work with a jeweler to provide custom wedding bands for our grooms at non-custom pricing. From sterling silver rings with wood inlay that run under $100 to finer pieces with more precious metals that can go up in the $1000’s, we really do it all. Wedding bands are a great opportunity to get creative with design and create a piece that acknowledges your vow while celebrating your individual personality.

An Honest EVERYMAN Answer:

Buy it at the mall, from a mass merchandiser or from the place they snagged the engagement ring. Additionally, we’ve found that especially with active men they frequently get two rings. One primary wedding band and then a silicone ring to wear when working, at the gym, or outdoors.


Partnering with a local operator like EVERYMAN can create a more personal touch and provide you with a sounding board to create your unique wedding experience. Checkout all the vendors promoted and recommended by Brides of Oklahoma as a place to start. And remember, when you’re planning out your groom’s experience abandon “most” and just do “you.”



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