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How to Continue Wedding Planning While You’re Stuck at Home

We’re entering the busiest season for weddings and unfortunately many are being postponed because of the sinister #COVID-19. Not to mention all the meetings, planning appointments and pre-wedding events, too. Even if your wedding is a year from now, some of your vendor meetings may have been cancelled. No need to worry! Our team has ideas to help you through this stressful time.

How to Continue Wedding Planning While You're Stuck at Home

How Do I Taste Test

You’re probably wondering, how am I supposed try my wedding cake options? Take time to drive up to your bakery’s storefront and curbside taste-test the many options from the comfort of your vehicle. This move reduces the risk of contracting the virus while increasing the likelihood of enjoying too much food!

How Will My Bridesmaids Help Me Pick Out Their Gowns

We all love FaceTime, especially group FaceTime. Connect with your bridesmaid boutique about video chatting with them plus your bridesmaids during your appointment time. This is a great time for you and all of your girlfriends to have fun, shop and catch up.

I Have Everything Picked Out Except My Flowers

Take more time to utilize video chatting and discuss your bloom ideas with your florist. Once you have a plan, drive over to their showroom and see the flowers curbside. This is the time to make sure that the flowers are the exact colors that you had in mind!

My Wedding Gown Appointment is Cancelled

I’m sorry ladies but this is the only one that will have to be postponed. Have no fear! Spend time researching your favorite gowns, analyzing what your body type will look best in, contacting local gown boutiques about what they have in stock and visualizing yourself on your big day.

My Wedding Date Changed and Now My Vendor Can’t Make It

When your vendor can’t make it to your new wedding date, there are a few options to consider. Vendors hate having to cancel on their clients because it’s how they make their living, but unanticipated circumstances can happen. Connect with them about refunds and spend time looking over the cancellation clause in your vendor contract. Upon cancellation, your original vendor will most likely refer you to a similar vendor who can do the job just as well. You may decide to drop the category of service that they provide, which is fine too! Remember that this wedding is for you and your partner – do what makes you happy. Who knows, you might even discover a new vendor option that you like just as well, or better! All things happen for a reason girl!

I’m Stressed Out and Need Help

This is the time to keep your wedding planner on speed dial! They will ease your mind, do most of the work for you and make sure that your big day goes smoothly. The team at Brides of Oklahoma is always here to help and our magazines are a great source for information and inspiration as well.

We’re also sharing tips for postponing your wedding and how to support friends who’ve had to postpone their weddings. Read on for more advice!