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All About Custom Gowns with Bridal Couture by Sonni

For some brides, the search for the perfect wedding gown can be stressful and disappointing. Well fear not! We have the answer for this very real struggle! Bridal Couture by Sonni designs and creates premium custom couture bridal gowns, made to order for each individual bride. Located in South Tulsa, owner and lead designer Sonni Jackson specializes in creating the “dream dress” for brides from scratch. Trust us when we say these gowns are GORGEOUS! We sat down with Sonni to get the inside scoop on how brides can go from mess to YES!

What type of gowns do you make?
Because we start from scratch with every dress we create, the sky is the limit! Every bride we work with has a unique style and personality and our job is to bring that out in her dress! The types of gowns we fashion are as different as the brides they were created for.

Why should brides consider a custom gown?
There are many benefits to having a custom wedding dress, but the top two reasons would be freedom of design and the impeccable fit. A common problem brides have when starting the process of finding their dream dresses, is finding ONE dress with all of the different details they want. Because every dress we do is 100% custom, there are no design limitations and we can take all the different details the bride likes and make them into one perfect dress! Every bride’s body is unique, which is why we custom pattern each dress to the bride’s exact measurements – no “standard sizing” chart. This is the only way to ensure the dress will have an impeccable fit!

Where do you get your fabrics? 
We spent years (and continue to spend time) finding the best of the best fabrics for our brides! We source our fabrics from all around the world! Places like New York, San Francisco, the United Kingdom and Paris to name a few. This fall, we will be traveling all the way to Israel to source some of their one-of-a-kind luxurious fabrics!
What if a bride has no idea what she wants? How do you help her create the prefect gown? 
It is totally fine for a bride to not know what she wants in a wedding dress! There are so many options out there and it can quickly become very confusing. We take the time to sit down with each bride to get to know her and her personality and style. We will look through pictures and fabrics to figure out her likes and dislikes. Usually after an hour or so we have a beautiful design in mind and can start sketching for her!

How do you ensure the dress will fit? 

The only way to ensure a dress will have a perfect fit is to take her exact measurements and draft a custom pattern to those measurements! We also do a series of fittings to ensure the dress is laying and looking right on the bride. We have three fittings solely dedicated to making sure the fit is perfect before we start adding lace or embellishments. We also do this for the brides that are in the process of toning up before their wedding! We want to make sure all of their hard work pays off and that they look and feel stunning in their wedding dress!
How much does it cost to create a custom gown with Bridal Couture by Sonni
Because every dress is so unique, the price varies from dress to dress. The two biggest factors in creating a custom wedding dress are the fabric selection and design complexity. We import our fabrics from all over the world and work with only the best makers. Some of our most luxe fabrics can vary significantly in price from one to another, but we ensure all of them are of unsurpassed quality. The complexity of the design is another big factor. Some dresses are simple and take less fittings and time to finish, while other dresses are very complex and may require extra fittings and time. The best way to figure out what any one dress will cost, is to book an appointment so we can get to know the bride and create a plan to make her the perfect dress.

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