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Pros to Hiring a Photography and Videography Team

Every couple is booking photographer for their big day. But what about video? Danielle with Danielle Villemarette & Co. is sharing with us not only why capturing your wedding day in video is so important, but why hiring a photography AND videography team can truly make the day that much smoother. Read on for her advice and be sure to watch a clip from Julie and Connor’s wedding.

Pros to Hiring a Photography and Videography Team

Photo & Video // Danielle Villemarette & Co.

Why should a couple make videography a priority for their wedding day?

How often have you pulled out your phone and began recording something happening in front of you? We do it all the time! Whether it’s because something funny is happening, or something sacred — we record video to be able to come back to that moment. To be able to show others and it be as though they were there. As cheesy as this may sound, I believe if a photo says a thousand words, a video says a million.

Your wedding day of all days is a day that once it is done you won’t be able to recreate. The people that are in attendance may never be all together at the same place at the same time again. And I guarantee you will not remember exactly what your best friend said in her maid of honor toast or the jokes that the best man made in his. What about that welcome speech your father gave? Photography is perfect for capturing the memory in still-form, but that photo will never replay your father’s voice.

While I don’t think video is a substitute for photography, I don’t think photography is a substitute for video. Videography complements the imagery, and allows you to relive your day in a visual and audible way. Your guests, family and friends may be taking video on their phones throughout the day, but they’re not compiling those clips to create a fluid film that highlights and shows the day in full. Your videographer does that, and that is invaluable to have to look back on for yourself and future generations.

What are the pros to hiring a video/photo team (rather than separately)?

Imagine it now… your photographer has just finished photographing your dress, and it is time for you to get into it. In walks your videographer, who was not aware of what the photographer had just captured. Frantic, the videographer asks for just a couple minutes to get their own footage of the dress before you put it on… but there simply isn’t any extra time. You assure the videographer it’s ok, not to worry about that footage, and decide to continue with getting dressed. But the excitement and light-hearted joy that filled the room has been replaced with tension radiating between the two people capturing your day: your photographer and videographer.

I share that scenario from personal experience — I wasn’t the videographer or photographer for this particular wedding, but I was a bridesmaid that witnessed the whole thing unfold. The year was 2013, and a year later I would be planning my own wedding to my husband, Josh. I walked away from that experience as a bridesmaid certain of one thing. Whoever photographed and videoed our wedding, had to know and work well with each other. Communication — or in the above scenario — lack there of, affected the energy and vibe of that wedding day in a negative way. Finding vendors that work well together and communicate with each other can make or break your wedding day vibe.

Because of the above scenario, it is really important to me that our clients experience a very easy and natural relationship between photography and videography. Whether you’re hiring someone who offers both photography and video or two separate businesses, both services ultimately have the same goal: capturing your day.

One last reason I would recommend hiring a team versus separate entities is editing aesthetic and styles. When you’re hiring a team from the same “house,” the images and video will have a consistent, similar look and feel.

Does one person shoot both photo and video or is it a team?

So while I have not ever seen it effectively done, I have heard of individuals doing both photo and video on their own (without a team). Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this. It feels too risky to have one person responsible for the capturing of so much content in one day. A day you can’t re-do on top of that.

There is so much that goes into each role (photo and video), that I strongly feel that each position deserves to have at least one person dedicated solely to that set role. A team approach allows for less stress, alternate angles and variation. At Danielle Villemarette & Co., we structure our photography and videography weddings to always include at least a lead photographer, a lead videographer and an associate videographer. From there, we add on additional shooters (videographers/photographers) as needed based on the wedding day needs and couples preferences.

How are packages different from a video/photo team?

Packages from a photography/videography team differ in that you have both services reflected in the offering. Often times a Photography and videography team will create their pricing to reflect a special rate versus booking the services separately as a show of appreciation for choosing that team to capture both aspects of the day.

What should a bride’s expectations be of the photographer and videographer on her wedding day?

A bride should be able to trust her photography and videography team completely and feel comfortable in their presence. The couple should be able to be present and in the moment on their wedding day. The photographer and videographer are the two vendors you will spend a large amount of your day directly interacting with. There are enough nerves already associated with the wedding day; the couple should be comfortable and confident in their team.

A bride should be able to communicate with her photography and videography team. People can use the same descriptive words, while envisioning two different things. Communicating expectations is so important for the outcome of your wedding photos and video, so find the team(s) that you click with!

Lastly, a bride should be able to count on her photographer and videographer to provide the insight and guidance needed to ensure an outcome she loves. You don’t know what you don’t know. And it’s not the client’s job to be “in the know” on best lighting techniques, how to pose, etc.  Too often in the creative community I see complaints in regards to clients not doing something a certain way, and my question would be did they guide the client beforehand? Brides are hiring us for our expertise, and a part of that expertise is being a resource for our clients, and sharing guidance.

We can’t thank Danielle enough for sharing her invaluable advice! Want to connect with her photo and video team? You can reach out directly via the Danielle Villemarette & Co. profile here.