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How to Incorporate Personal Style Into Your Wedding Cake

Creating a cake for your big day is more than finding a Pinterest picture of a design you like. Your cake should represent you and your partner’s personal style and flair. We reached out to Yunita, owner and cake baker at You Need a Cake, and asked her a few vital questions about how to incorporate personal style into your wedding cake. Yunita specializes in wedding cakes, but can also do other cakery options such as birthday, showers and graduations. She can even make other delectables that perfectly accent and represent your big day. Without further delay, let’s get on with this Q&A!

Photo // Sheradee Hurst Photography

Why do you think it’s important that a wedding cake be a direct reflection of who a couple is, rather than just choosing a cake?

I think it’s important for couples to express themselves – what they like, who they really are and what their style is. Their wedding cake needs to represent who they are as a couple instead of choosing a picture from Pinterest or copying another couple’s wedding cake. After all, the wedding is all about the couple celebrating their love – not simply about providing dessert for their guests.

What is one of your favorite ways to incorporate unique style into a cake?

One of my favorite ways to incorporate a unique style into a cake is by decorating with custom and handmade sugar flowers or edible lace. Other interesting techniques such as sugar quilling or stencil are another great way of adding unique flair.

If a couple is struggling to explain themselves, what are a few starter questions that you will ask in order to inquire what cake might work best for the couple?

I like to ask a bride what she would like to see on her wedding cake. Whether or not a bride would like to incorporate elements from the wedding into her cake is an important question. Fun details to include could be, but are not limited to: the lace on her dress, pearls, color palette from the wedding, invitation, decor and even an inside joke between the bride and the groom.

There are a lot of different cake options out there! What is one piece of advice you would like to give to couples who are unsure of where to start when it comes to making a cake their own?

I always tell my brides that their guests, and specifically their girlfriends, will always remember two things from the wedding: the wedding dress and the wedding cake. I desire for each couple to have not only beautifully executed cakes, but delicious cakes too. It’s important to design and make the cake to represent the couple and what they like, rather than choosing a cake that looks like everyone else’s.

Special thanks to Yunita from You Need a Cake for sharing her advice with us today! Inquire directly with Yunita via her online profile on Brides of Oklahoma here!

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