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Before I Do

Jasmine + Brinley

photo | Melanie Foster Photography


Long Distance Air Force Lovers

Brinley and Jasmine have been friends for as long as they can remember – since they were little munchkins! Their personalities have always been incredibly different, but they always knew that there was something different about their relationship and the way they always seemed to click.

Fast forward to 2019,­­ Brinley has been in the Air Force for almost 3 years now, so him and Jasmine have been long distance since he enlisted. This means that they rarely get to see each other, what with Brin’s work schedule and Jasmine’s law school schedule.

So, when Kellany (Jasmine’s best friend) Facetimed her and told her they ABSOLUTELY HAD to get their nails done the weekend before Thanksgiving 2018, Jasmine began to have sneaking suspicions. After all, when was the last time they got their nails done together?

When Brin didn’t answer any of of her Facetime calls on Friday morning, Jasmine was even more suspicious. She went to class and work, wondering if Brin was going to jump out of the bushes on her way to class or if he was going to surprise her at work. Brin ended up surprising her at her work but then left, saying he had some errands to run, but he “Couldn’t tell her what they were doing  and he couldn’t hang out with her on Saturday.” (cue more suspicion here)

After church on Sunday, Jasmine mentioned that she wanted to pick up her family from the airport. They were coming in to visit for the holiday. However, she was met with a blatant “NO!!!” from her grandparents, mother & sister. When saying that she wanted to go to the store to get groceries before the family came, she was told she couldn’t leave the house.

Surely he wouldn’t propose on a school night, right?

Later that afternoon, Kellany whisked Jasmine away, after helping her put on a very nice dress and get ready. At that point, Jasmine had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen. Kellany blindfolded Jasmine so she would have no idea where they were going. About 15 minutes later, Kellany parked the car, and Jasmine’s car door was opened, her seatbelt was unbuckled and  she was pulled out of the car. Brinley took Jasmine’s blindfold off and led her into the Gaillardia country club, which was the exact location that she had told Brinley (years ago) she wanted to get married at. He then showed her a table full of pictures taken over the years. After they re-lived some of their best (and not­-so-­best) moments, he brought her to the gazebo and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him!