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Before I Do

Mireya + Taylor

photo | Brianna Record


Deployed in Love

Our proposal came right before Taylor had to deploy to the Middle East. We had just found out she would soon be leaving for six months, and both of us were not expecting it. Taylor decided she would propose before she left and enlisted, with the help of our closest friends to make it happen. While I was at work, she spent the entire day turning our backyard into this vintage, earthy, magical, and incredibly beautiful scene. My best friend picked me up for work and blindfolded me. She told me Taylor had a date planned for us, but it was to be a surprise. When we finally stopped, my friend walked me up what I now know was the driveway to our house. She stopped me and then removed the blindfold. The first thing I saw was a walkway lit with candles to the gate of our backyard and a photographer taking photos. I had no clue what was going on until I saw Taylor standing in our backyard and heard our song playing – ‘Northern Wind’ by City and Colour. I immediately started crying and walked over to her. She got down on one knee and asked me to marry her. After all the tears had been wiped away, I turn to see all our friends and family watching from the kitchen window. It was a beautiful night that we will never forget!