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Before I Do

Kiara + Addam

photo | Bri Bond Photography


Hotel Surprise

On September 1, 2018, my now fiancé found a way to organize both of our families and friends to meet in a local upscale hotel bar. While getting everybody together, he asked my mom if she could steal me for the day, simply to buy some time and to get me off his case.

It worked. I traveled around running errands with my mother all day – for approximately six hours. Long story short, through all of my complaining about wanting to get home to pack for our upcoming trip, our last stop was the hotel. I HAD NO CLUE WHAT WAS GOING ON.

That was until we reached the top floor of the hotel and the elevator opened. I heard one of my favorite songs, ‘Get You’ by Daniel Caesar playing and saw him standing in the doorway. At that moment I was more confused than anything. “Why hasn’t he text me back all day and why is he standing here now?” He was in trouble. It wasn’t until I walked into the rooftop bar and saw our friends and family that I knew what was going on.

After about 30 seconds of me being in shock, Addam (my fiancé) grabbed my waist and reminded me of all the fun times we’ve had over the last four years. Dates, trips, crazy experiences – he didn’t miss anything.

It all ended with him getting on one knee, his father strategically handing him the ring, and him asking for me to be his wife. The rest is history. Undoubtedly the best day of my life.